Registrations are available from January 1st, 2017 and are effective through 2017 under the General Terms and Conditions.

The current set of Art-Trope services are available in the 3 major cities of the Fine Arts market : Paris, New York and London.Illustration artists Art-Trope

1 City Service

2 Cities Service

 3 Cities Service

€ 299 without VAT / year

€ 499 without VAT / year

€ 749 without VAT / year

    + 5 % of commission on artworks sales     + 5 % of commission on artworks sales

    + 5 % of commission on artworks sales

Illustration artists Art-Trope

Get all the tools to build and maintain international visibility in the city or cities of your choice :

– a professional portfolio presenting your career trajectory and your artwork,
– introductions to exhibition spaces interested in your artwork,
– constructive feedbacks from Art professionals on your work and researches,
– a newsletter dedicated to your activity,
– the creation of an Art-Trope Internet page linked to your website and social networks,
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Art-Trope Internet page,
– preferred rates from Art-Trope partners useful for the artistic career development.

“ We spend so much when we are Artists. The annual package allows you to make large savings and it is also one of the Art-Trope goals.” Virginie Tison, Founder and President of Art-Trope