Virginie Tison‘s professional experience in the Investor Relations enabled her to improve her skills in corporate governance. She would like to establish a relationship based on exchange and trust with Art-Trope investors.

Benjamin C., an Art-Trope SAS shareholder confirms :

Could you please introduce yourself?

“I am lucky to have grown up with parents who are collectors. Indeed, their professional success allowed them to invest in 18th century furniture. Thus, from an early age, I accompanied them in the auction rooms and met their antique dealer friends. The meeting with Virginie Tison introduced me to Contemporary Art and I find it exciting to have the opportunity to support the activity of artists through Art-Trope.”

Why invest in Art-Trope SAS?

“For 15 years I have been trying to invest in Art and I have been much solicited. I chose Art-Trope for several reasons. First of all, I would say that this is by far the most developed of all the projects that have been proposed to me. Then, as a collector, investing in the Contemporary Art sector made sense. And, above all, Virginie’s perseverance was a decisive factor.

She relies on a very realistic business plan and a credible financial projection. My goal was to make at least one investment in my life and I felt like it was now or never. I am delighted to have met Virginie and Art-Trope because it is a concept that can only succeed.

I look forward to her bringing together new shareholders as passionate as I am of Contemporary Art.”

What are your expectations?

“It is obvious that I want to participate and follow closely Art-Trope. And of course, I hope that the Artists will rise to the occasion of this unique concept which facilitates their career at a lower cost. I have complete confidence in Virginie who has all the necessary skills to develop properly Art-Trope.”