• 16 Jul 2018

From July 1st to 15th 2018, close to 2200 people visited the exhibition “Ask Yourself” by Photographer Guillaume Dimanche at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles.

Photographer Guillaume Dimanche at his exhibition Ask Yourself in Arles in 2018

Photographer Guillaume Dimanche at his exhibition “Ask yourself”, Arles, 2018 © Art-Trope

The exhibition “Ask Yourself” at the 2018 Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles and its 2200 visitors

The exhibition “Ask Yourself” by Photographer Guillaume Dimanche is presented as part of the Voies-Off festival program during the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles. According to Hervé Schiavetti, the Mayor of the city of Arles, the “Voies-Off festival became an essential player of the photography scene in Arles”. Among the 173 presented exhibitions, “Ask Yourself” was visited by close to 2200 people. The exhibition presents a set of photographs that questions our contemporary world and our relationship to new technologies. “In this exhibition I present a questioning about contemporary society including new technologies and the space in which human beings position themselves reacting to it” explains Guillaume Dimanche.

The sale of the Artwork “Eiffel Tower V2” to an American Collector

The Artwork “Eiffel Tower V2” was acquired by an American Collector and will soon go to San Francisco area. It is the main photograph of the exhibition “Ask Yourself”. Indeed, the Artist explains its role in the exhibition’s catalogue that can be accessed from Art-Trope’s dedicated article: The Eiffel Tower, the label of the French capital, is the most visited and photographed artificial object in the world. It is presented here as a symbolic representation of the birthplace of the contemporary society. “Eiffel Tower V2″ shows a sculpture, a sign of man’s power over nature. The portraits that surround it would be the beneficiaries of this power. Yet these white men are led in their freedoms, impoverished by the power of society, controlled in their actions by consumption, industry, security. The black man fights for survival, chained for so long, bruised, tortured, submissive, he can only dream to leave to hope to find a breath of freedom. The woman’s body was dispossessed. He no longer belongs to her. Since when ? It is torn apart, enveloped by itself, sucked, vampirized by established and controlled dogmas. Abandoned on a raft, the blood flowing in it is pulsed, origin. The still lifes are what’s left of each one of us. Images and vanities”.

Artwork by Guillaume Dimanche sold to an American Collector

Eiffel Tower V2, 41in x 27in, 2018 © Guillaume Dimanche

Guillaume Dimanche’s artistic statement

The photomontage reveals a work of correction of the perspectives. Guillaume Dimanche’s ones are based on the observation of the human and his actions on the landscape by means of digital tools. It expresses the contemporary through a particular photographic writing, poetic and musical, on these subjects. His creations, inspired by classical and contemporary works of Art history, are digital explorations. Guillaume Dimanche produces an image of the globalized world by describing the life and death of our contemporaries, our societies, from fables, legends, mythologies, and history. His artistic research integrates and is inspired by a mix of references and various resources, visual, written and musical. His gaze is focused on the actions of man on the planet, the transformations he inflicts on his environment, and the degradations that it undergoes.

Nude photograph by Guillaume Dimanche

The WO 02 V2, 2018, 9,5in x 14in © ADAGP-Guillaume Dimanche


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