• 16 Oct 2017

Here are the 3 must see exhibitions Art-Trope selected for you to see this term :

– Paris : David Hockney – Centre Georges Pompidou
– New York : Calder : hypermobility – Whitney Museum of American Art
– London : Rachel Whiteread – Tate Britain Museum

Paris : David Hockney – Centre Georges Pompidou (June 21th – October 23th 2017)

David Hockney work , A bigger splash, 1967

David Hockney, A bigger splash, 1967 © Andrea Liu

160 paintings, photographs, prints and drawings are visible in this exhibition celebrating the 80th anniversary of the British artist. This retrospective at the Georges Pompidou Center, in partnership with the Tate Britain in London, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, highlights David Hockney’s taste for reproduction and modern production of images.

This vast panorama of his art shows works from his early years portraying the atmosphere of an industrial England, but also his discovery of the Californian light and hedonism.

New York : Alexander Calder – Whitney Museum of American Art (June 9th – October 23th 2017) 

Alexander Calder work, Crinkly avec disc rouge, 1973

Alexander Calder, Crinkly avec disc rouge, 1973 © Rufus46

Famous for his “mobile” steel creations, which name comes from Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder is honored in this exhibition named Calder : Hypermobility, a tribute to his creative genius through a suspended ballet of art works, moved by the fluctuations of air. This curation allows the visitor to experience a new form of sculpture, to which the artist has given life since the 1930s by integrating the notions of movements and sounds in an art usually fixed.

➢ Londres : Rachel Whiteread – Tate Britain (September 12th 2017 – January 21th 2018)

Rachel Whiteread work, Embankment, Tate Modern, April 2006

Rachel Whiteread, Embankment, Tate Modern, April 2006 © Griffindor

The selected works represent Rachel Whiteread’s greatest achievements. She notably won the Turner prize in 1993 rewarding the most talented English artist under 50 years old.