• 15 Jan 2018

Art-Trope whishes you again a happy New Year! We recommand 3 exhibitions in Paris, New York and London to indulge in as 2018 starts:

Paris: Mary Cassatt, Mary Cassatt, an American Impressionist in Paris – Jacquemart-André Museum
New York: Being: New Photography 2018 – MoMA
London: “Monochrome, Painting in Black and White” – The National Gallery

Paris: Mary Cassatt, an American Impressionist in Paris – Jacquemart-André Museum (from March 9th to July 23rd 2018)

The remarkable aura of Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) goes way beyond her contemporaries. Considered as the greatest American painter of her time, she is also the only painter across the Atlantic to be included in the very male oriented circle of the Parisian Impressionists. Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Mary Cassatt quickly immigrated to France where she lived for over 60 years. Trained by the Academic painter Jean-Léon Gérôme, sworn enemy of the Impressionists, Mary Cassett still drawn attention. In fact, many personalities, particularly Edgar Degas, were interested in her work and would soon never leave her side. The Jacquemart-André exhibition presents over 50 Artworks (oil on canvas, pastels, drawings and etchings). Some of the Artworks do remind us of the softness of her close friend Berthe Morisot’s paintings.

This painting made by American Impressionist Artist Mary Cassatt in 1878 represents a little girl sat on a blue armchair.

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878) © Mary Cassatt

New York: Being: New Photography 2018 – MoMA (from March 18th to August 19th 2018)

Like every other year, the MoMA celebrates contemporary photography through its “New Photography” series. Effectively, the 2018 edition is entitled “Being: New Photography” which explores the notions of personhood and subjectivity in contemporary photography. Therefore, some 17 Artists working both in the United States and internationally are presented. The Artworks were mainly created in the course of 2016. Through this exhibition, the MoMA questions the relationship contemporary photographers have with the traditional photographic media. For all the Artists presented, it will be their first exhibition in a museum. Among them we can find Artists such as Sofia Borges from Brazil and American Artist Matthew Connors.

This picture taken by Hibino represents the MoMA's patio in New York City.

The MoMA’s patio in New York © hibino

London: “Monochrome, Painting in Black and White” – National Gallery (until February 18th 2018)

The exhibition “Monochrome, Painting in Black and White” organized by the National Gallery of London is based on a simple fact. Indeed, for over 700 years Artists chose to use black and white for their creations. Malevich, Riley, Picasso but also Van Eyck and Rembrandt to name a few made that choice. However, the same Artists are also associated with Artworks displaying a wide range of vivid colors. Therefore, the National Gallery aims at offering a new perspective on the great Masters through the interplay between dark shades. Such a unique viewpoint on black and white is at the core of the curation of this experience.

This Artwork entitled "Black Square" was made in 1915 by Artist Kazimir Malevich.

Black Square (Black Suprematic Square),1915 © Kazimir Malevich

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Sources: Beaux-Arts Magazine and Télérama