• 16 Nov 2017

La folie en tête, aux racines de l’Art Brut” is an exhibition organized at the Maison Victor Hugo from November 16th, 2017 to March 18th, 2018 paying tribute to Art Brut. The latter aims at a certain legitimization of a controversial Art because outside of the classic scheme of creation.

This photograph represents an artwork by Bruno Montpied who combines collage and painting techniques with vivid colors.

Bruno Montpied, Untitled, 1977 © Bruno Montpied

Art Brut and Jean Dubuffet

The art brut is a term used by the painted Jean Dubuffet to designate the artistic creation of prisoners in prisons, or patients in psychiatric hospitals. The latter, devoid of artistic culture, create in a totally arbitrary and autonomous way, outside the artistic fashion of the moment, or materials in vogue. Their creations are totally unpredictable and pure in the sense that they have not been “polluted” by a knowledge of the history of art, and are therefore devoid of quotations or references.

The Maison Victor Hugo, conducive to a creative madness

The house of Victor Hugo is the ideal place for such an exhibition. Indeed, the writer was also suffering from proven psychological disorders, which did not prevent him from creating. The exhibition consists of works from four psychiatric hospital collections: the Crichton Royal Hospital, the Waldau Asylum, the Heidelberg University Psychiatric Hospital and that of Dr. Auguste Marie.

Art therapy and tribute to Art Brut

The very foundation of these creations is the development and channeling of patients’ creativity for therapeutic purposes. At the beginning of the 20th century, this part of creation was considered “psychopathological” art. Very quickly aroused in cases of psychological disorders, this art will have its first dedicated exhibition in 1950, at the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris. 350 mental patients are presented through more than 2000 works.

It is with great respect that this exhibition pays tribute to these artists without status, little known or not, which allowed to diversify the process of creation, through the projection of oneself on a canvas.

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