• 15 Feb 2018

On February 13th, 2018, Art-Trope attended the opening of the Art Capital Art Fair at the Grand Palais in Paris. Among the 2000 confirmed and emerging Artists selected, sculptor Minh Châu who is also an Art-Trope Artist, presented her Artworks for the very first time to the audience. Art-Trope supported her in getting everything ready for the exhibition and live posted on social media.

This is Art-Trope Artist and sculptor Minh Châu presenting her sculpture at the Grand Palais in Paris on the occasion of the 2018 Art Capital Art Fair.

Minh Châu, sculptor, at the opening of Art Capital Art fair at the Grand Palais in Paris © Art-Trope

Art Capital opening: an exciting moment

Like its 2017 edition, the Art Capital Art Fair attracted a significant crowd composed of Art amateurs and professionals. Eager to meet new contemporary talents, around 12 000 visitors attended the opening day. At least 40 000 visitors are expected for the whole fair which will go on until February 18th, 2018 under the Grand Palais’ dome. As a result, the idea is to foster dialogue between Artists, Art lovers and Art professionals about their visions and statements. As usual, the Art fair was animated by the themes of freedom, tolerance and solidarity. Art-Trope puts human values at the core of its convictions and makes ending the isolation of worldwide Artists one of its priorities by being the only facilitator of the global Fine Arts market.

This is the Parisian Grand Palais' main entrance on the occasion of the 2018 Art Capital Art fair.

Art Capital Art fair at the Grand Palais in Paris © Art-Trope

Minh Châu, sculptor, exhibits her Artworks for the first time

Creation has always been the core of Minh Châu. From fashion design to sculpture, the Art-Trope Artist creates now bodies through sculpture. Paper is her primary material which is altogether flexible, malleable but also rigid and hard. People passing by, their expressions and their poses, inspire Minh Châu whose artistic statement is part of the construction of a new relationship with time. As part of the Art Capital Art fair, the sculptor presents two Artworks. “En l’attendant” (“Waiting for him/her”) first, is an enigmatic pregnant woman body, tall and thin, and then “Juste un regard…” (“Just a gaze”), is a hunched up meditative human figure. The Artist confided with emotion her first impressions to Art-Trope: “I present myself under the dome of the Grand Palais and exhibit my Art-Works for the first time.”

This picture captures Minh Châu's sculptures entitled "En l'attendant" ("Waiting for him/her") and "Juste un regard..." ("Just a gaze").

Sculptures entitled “En l’attendant” (“Waiting for him/her”) and “Juste un regard…” (“Just a gaze”) © Minh Châu

Art-Trope’s ongoing support to Minh Châu

The first exhibition of an Artist is always a very special moment, exhilarating and yet nerve-racking. Minh Châu said she would have to “reveal” herself during her interview with Art-Trope. Throughout the whole process, from creating communication material to organizing personalized coaching sessions for her exhibition, the Art-Trope team has been deeply committed to Minh Châu. “This adventure would not have been the same as it is today because I am supported by Art-Tope and its team which enabled me to apprehend this important moment with serenity by offering me the services I needed. Art-Trope did some communication for me and created both my biography and artistic statement for example” said the Artist. This artistic strip tease took place under the curious and interested eyes of the visitors. Minh Châu also said: “thanks to Art-Trope community I invite you to join me next month for an upcoming exhibition in Paris!”

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