• 4 Dec 2017

On November 29th, 2017, Art-Trope, New Generation of Artists Agency, held its second private event at the Purgatoire-54 Paradis in Paris:

This picture was taken on the occasion of Art-Trope's second Private Event in Paris.

Private Event #2, 11/29/ 2017 Purgatoire-54 Paradis © Art-Trope

Its first accomplishments

On the occasion of its private event, Art-Trope Company presented its first accomplishments as well as its team. The audience was mainly composed by Investors, Journalists, Institutional Directors, Art Collectors and Artists. “Ever since Art-Trope opened its offices in September 2017, we have had more than 22 000 unique visitors on our website and our Facebook Fan base went from 1200 to 2700 followers. Therefore, Art-Trope arouses interest for its services dedicated to the Artists. We have received more than a 100 requests for subscriptions in 3 months. To go even further, we need additional funds to continue our technological development” stated the Art-Trope Team.

The company’s comittment to Artists

New Generation of Artists Agency Art-Trope offers worldwide the opportunity to be professionally represented in the main Art capital cities, starting with Paris, New York and London. In fact, the idea is to support Artists on the long-term. As a result it builds around them a safe environment that fosters creation. “The key value that motivates the dedicated Art-Trope Team is benevolence to help Artists get out of their isolation and preserve their sensibility because behind all Artworks there is a piece of its author’s life” said Julien Lafaye, CEO Director of Art-Trope. The company team attended the event as well as some Art-Trope Artists such as Minh Châu, Agata Preyzner and Guillaume Dimanche. The presentation was held as part of the exhibition « Words in color » by Art-Trope Artist Aymard le Forestier de Quillien. The exhibition takes place at the the Purgatoire-54 Paradis, a hybrid open space combining contemporary Art and Haute-Cuisine. Such a space was founded by Chef Alain Cirelli in 2011. Aymard le Forestier de Quillien’s Artworks are on view until December 22nd, 2017.

This picture was taken by Art-Trope, New Generation of Artists Agency on the occasion of its second Private Event in Paris.

Private Event #2, 11/29/ 2017 Purgatoire-54 Paradis © Art-Trope


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