• 10 Apr 2018

Josiane Pape, Painter and Art-Trope Artist, invites us to circle back to her artistic journey. Find out how she figured her own pictorial language out.

Untitled Artwork from the Plural men series made by Josiane Pape in 2011

Untitled, Plural men series, 2011 © Josiane Pape

Her path

I went on my pictorial research by enrolling trainings. Through the contact with Jacques Bartoli, a painter from the Provence school Baboulène, I improved my technique significantly. However, it remained in a figurative style with a particular interest in blurriness, a way of suggesting like Impressionist Artists would. Concurrently, I grew an interest in the restoration of ancient buildings. Therefore, I enrolled a training in mural restoration, mural paintings, simile wood and simile marble at the European School of Heritage restoration sites located in Venice. I learned a great deal thanks to the Provence school of Baboulène and the restoration construction sites, including the notion of humility. It was the occasion to position myself in Art. By distancing myself with Impressionism, my Art became a kind of Expressionism that is neither figurative nor abstract but intimate. It expresses my cultural, religious and esoteric influences. One day, I realized I did not control anything anymore. It was my hand that guided me.

Her artistic statement

After finding my pictorial expression, I had to quit using oil painting for personal reasons. Going from oil to acrylic was far from easy but thanks to the techniques I learned in building restoration for instance, I developed a specific technique. My palette was also the result of a long-term work. Grey, ocher, orange, purple have a precise signification. Men and women, in their humanity and alterity, never drawn to better evoke them, are a recurring theme to me. Music has also always been inspiring to me whether it is sacred, Oriental or African. What is sacred or mystical is an aspect of my personality which influences my artistic statement. I do not add a title to my Artworks because I think it is reductive. My wish is for the gaze to indulge in painting and extracts a personal interpretation from it which is not necessarily mine.

Untitled Artwork from Bursting series made in 2013 by Josiane Pape

Untitled, Bursting series, 2013 © Josiane Pape

Her evolution

My paintings reflect who I am. When I stopped working on ancient buildings, it deeply inspired the series “Bursting.” Following up this series, I made “Plural men” which is my own perception of the society we live in. It aims at showing the use of masks nowadays. Everybody wears one not to reveal himself/herself entirely. My readings are also inspirational. I currently focus on the sky and the earth, on inner worlds combining what is vegetable and animal. Men have to unravel the rope of their yarn.

Artwork untitled 1 from the Inner Worlds series made by Josiane Pape in 2015

Untitled 1, Inner Worlds series, 2015 © Josiane Pape

Her exhibitions

I have been painting since 1981 but I started to show my work only later in life. Indeed, I did not think my paintings were finished yet. Therefore I started showing my Artworks in 2005. Since there are not many opportunities in Corsica, I decided to participate in Art fairs including three recurring ones in Paris, Marseille and Mulhouse. Internationally, I exhibited in Italy and Spain but I have also been invited to Japan. In July 2017 I inaugurated the gallery Corsic’Art Design in Ajaccio by exhibiting 18 to 20 of my paintings. From April 21st to May 6th 2018 I will participate in the 2018 Salon de Printemps des Arts d’aujourd’hui which will take place at the Abbatial Notre Dame de Bernay in Normandy. I am very touched to be a part of the guests of honor of the Salon which has an international dimension.

Her relation to Art-Trope

In Corsica, I am isolated. The Artist cannot develop his/her career without a network and without getting out of isolation. Only an outsider can do it. Such a responsibility is essential. Also, it is difficult to paint and do the door-to-door at the same time. Nevertheless, every Artist needs to be recognized. Art-Trope frees us by offering, depending on our needs, the services most adapted to us. Virginie Tison created a business concept that is necessary and we deserve somebody like her to manage it. It is what I have always been looking for.

Untitled Artwork from the Bursting series made in 2010 by Josiane Pape

Untitled, Bursting series, 2010 © Josiane Pape


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