• 20 Feb 2018

Photographer Roland Giuseppelli, shares his story and artistic statement with us:

This Artwork by photographer and Art-Trope Artist Roland Giuseppelli is extracted from the series Origine made in 2016.

Origine, 12 inch X 16 inch, 2016 © Roland Giuseppelli

His path

My relationship to photography is the result of a combination of factors. Indeed, my college degree on one hand, maturity and detachment on the other hand participated in the implementation of my artistic statement as well as in the decision of choosing photography as means of expression. After obtaining a license degree in applied Arts in 1997 at the University of Corté, I decided to change direction. In fact, I started a career as part of Air France Company. However, I have been constantly building on a particular interest in beautiful shapes as well as an aesthetic taste. Ever since I was a child, I have been exercising my photographic gaze, with a special attention to my surroundings. This is the reason why, five years ago, I decided to take the plunge and to present my Artworks.

His artistic statement

I have always been inspired by nature, particularly by liquid elements. As a result, water and its texture, like morning dews leave marks on plants, are at the core of my artistic statement. In order to develop it, I integrated the essential notion of movement: waves, bursting and foam became my main subjects. Whether it is seen as concrete or as a metaphor of bursting, water enables me to shine a light on the opposition between what is microscopic and macroscopic. Photography is a way to capture what is minuscule, random, daily and anecdotal altogether. I intend to create astonishment and questioning for the audience, to shake things up so that everybody can find themselves and see themselves differently. I photograph to freeze the ephemerality that prevents us from noticing things that are recurrent and seem anecdotal and that are yet very unique.

This Artwork by photographer and Art-Trope Artist Roland Giuseppelli is extracted from the 2015 series Milky.

Milky, 12 inch X 16 inch, 2015 © Roland Giuseppelli

His evolution

My photographic practice has evolved continually although always in surprising ways. In fact, luck is also a determining factor. I am currently reflecting on new themes and new series. In the next logical steps, I still have one more hurdle to overcome: exhibit. It was a time consuming process, and quite a path to reach the maturity that was necessary to present my Artwork in the exhibition spaces. My research is framed and spontaneous altogether, yet deeply rooted in reality.

His exhibitions

Exhibiting is new to me. Indeed, I do not have any exhibition planned yet but I am working on it alongside with Art-Trope. There is a double goal: to present my photographic Artworks but also to improve my visibility. Indeed, that is an aspect that seems essential to me in the context of an artistic career development. To exhibit is what I need most, now that my work is ready to be presented to the public.

His relationship with Art-Trope

In the context of my artistic career development, what I am lacking the most is visibility. Art-Trope supports me in overcoming the difficulties by handling part of my communication to make me save some time to concentrate on my artistic production. Also, being supported and “coached” in an environment that I am not yet familiar with, seems essential to me. As a result, Art-trope gives me the opportunity to be supported on the long term and access the services I need.

This Artwork by photographer and Art-Trope Artist Roland Giuseppelli is extracted from the 2016 series Slide.

Slide, 12 inch X 16 inch, 2016 © Roland Giuseppelli


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