• 14 Dec 2017

Photographer and Art-Trope Artist Thomas Campion presents his background and Artistic statement. He also talks about the Artworks he sold thanks to Art-Trope:

This picture entitled "Metal Wave" was taken in 2012 by Art-Trope Artist Thomas Campion.

Vague Metallique (Metal Wave), 2012 © Thomas Campion

His path

I grew up in Trouville and I started very early to photograph boats with a silver halide camera my mother baught me. But when I think about it, I became an Artist photographer randomly. Effectively, I was a professional photographer, including for the Bateaux Magazine, but when the digital era came around it was revealing to me. Without being too costly, it enabled me to test things. The sea world from which I come from has been a great inspiration for shapes colors and propositions. I got my inspiration from there, as a self-taught Artist, with no specific training. It is the sea world along with my job as a journalist that pushed me forward to be creative. As a result, it encouraged me to produce images that are different from the ones I was used to see from my colleagues. I think that by differentiating myself as such I developed my Artistic sensitivity.

His Artistic statement

I first got my inspiration from the sea and nature. Nevertheless, I have been giving more space to spontaneity lately, depending on what I see and what I feel. As a result, I have recurring themes such as sailing, women and the matter. I use the technique to serve my Artistic statement through media mixing and long pauses. My goal is to intrigue the viewer in front of my Artwork. I like to create doubt in photography. The idea is to be half way between painting, drawing and photography. I always try to find an image that will make the difference. I do not seek to produce, I seek an idea.

This picture entitled "Marine" was taken by Art-Trope Artist Thomas Campion as part of the Argile series.

Marine © Thomas Campion

His evolution

My practice has evolved depending of my vision and my maturity. I do not photograph just for the sake of it. In fact, I like to have an idea in my mind and get what I want. I have been working on a precise theme for a year now but it is very difficult to find models to put it in action? However, I keep hope. The sailing world is highly competitive and I mix with the best photographers in the world. I learnt a great deal from some of them. Constantly looking for new ideas, I am always on the lookout for what I could photograph. I cannot take the same pictures, I need to evolve.

His exhibitions

My main exhibition was when I participated to the 2014 Fotofever Art fair at the Caroussel du Louvres. Later on, I sold a series of 7 photographs to a Spanish collector. It was one of my best exhibition memories. I also happened to exhibit around 20 photographs in a hotel in Paris. Such a place was lent to me. I have also exhibited several series on my own by the sea. As for what is coming next, it is still a work in progress.

The Artist and Art-Trope

What I lack most is contacts with Art collectors and galleries. Art-Trope can halp me by putting me in touch with Art professionals. As an Artist, I have no business notions and I do not know how to sell my Artwork or to canvass. A Therefore, Art-Trope is the best alternative I have found within the Fine Arts market so far which enables me to be introduced, to connect with exhibition spaces, to meet with Art collectors and to develop my international visibility. I sold two photographs thanks to Art-Trope upon my subscription on the occasion of a private event.

This picture was taken by Art-Trope Artist Thomas Campion and was sold in 2017 thanks to Art-Trope.

Timides chaises Tuileries, 2013 © Thomas Campion


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