• 19 Sep 2019

From Thursday October 17th to Sunday October 20th 2019, Art-Trope is pleased to participate in the 18th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair. In this prestigious context, 6 Painters and Sculptors from the Art-Trope community will be exhibited:

Le Rivoli Building – 118 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1er
from Thursday, October 17th to Sunday, October 20th, 2019
VIP Day and Opening reception: on Thursday October 17th 2019 from 12pm to 10pm (by invitation only) 

Poster of the Art-Trope Artists participation to the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair

Poster of the Art-Trope Artists participation to the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair © Art-Trope

A prestigious Art fair at the heart of the cultural effervescence of the autumn season

Autumn in Paris is a season marked by many artistic events of international importance. The FIAC, housed as every year under the Grand Palais’ glass dome, draws collectors and Art professionals attention from all over the world. It is in this true artistic and cultural hub that the 18th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair will also be held. This Art fair, which reputation continue to grow, will also take place in a prestigious and historic setting: the RIVOLI building. Located a few steps away from the Louvre Museum, and only 3 metro stations from the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and the Grand Palais, it will be the setting for the 2019 edition of the Art fair. The building will house 35 French and international art galleries including Art-Trope, New Generation of Artists Agency, to present more than 200 emerging and renowned international Artists. This year, the Art fair partnered with ART FUTURE (Taipei) as well as with the main Museums’ Friends Organizations in Paris such as the Centre Pompidou, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the Palais de Tokyo. Artist Sasha Pivovarova will be the guest of honor.

Paris YIA Art fair logo

Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair icon, October 2019 © YIA Art Fair

The 6 Painters and Sculptors presented by Art-Trope at the Paris Contemporary Art Show 

Selected to participate in the 18th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair, Art-Trope has chose 6 of the Artists in its community with an emphasis on Painters and Sculptors. Each of them offers a vision of their inner world and the one that surrounds them to the viewer to better invite him or her to create his or her own story.

Carolina Alfonso – Painter

Carolina Alfonso’s paintings offer a visual poetry based on thought, feeling, and memory. They carry a certain awareness related to the structure of things she can feel around and within her. Each of her paintings highlights an instinctual relationship to nature. She looks for an identity connected to natural forces that constitute her understanding of organic life as a phenomenon that moves perpetually through time and space. Her paintings suggest a connection to the earth where the physical mental self relates to the sun, moon, and fertility cycles.

Artwork by Painter Artist Carolina Alfonso

De Delfines, 36 in x 25 in, 2010 © Carolina Alfonso

Dominique Meunier – Painter

Aligning with the Impressionist style, Dominique Meunier made landscapes his main theme. He invites us to explore the vibrant, symbolic and bright side of nature to urge us to protect it. Attentive to the passage of time, to the subtle modulations of light, he is particularly interested in translating transient and impalpable natural phenomena. He is the painter of impermanence.

Artwork by Painter Dominique Meunier to be presented at the 2019 YIA Art fair

Metaphor, 32 in x 51 in, 2019 © Dominique Meunier

Fanou Montel – Painter

The drawing, then the ink very quickly, were the vectors of Fanou Montel‘s sensitivity of child and teenager. When painting imposed itself on her, a little later, she figuratively tried to translate her emotions. Nudes, portraits, quantities of landscapes… The keys appeared more and more abstract… Abstraction has become, for some years now, the tool of his creative liberation.

Painting by Artist Fanou Montel

The Wind Direction, 59 in x 47 in, 2019 © Fanou Montel

Florence Sartori – Sculptor

Florence Sartori placed Woman at the center of her aesthetic statement. Her specific approach is resolutely a hymn to life, and arouses emotion, thanks to timeless feminine figures. Flourished, warrior, fragile, or affirmed Woman, for Florence Sartori, the Woman figure is both singular and plural.Very inspired by the body in Dance, she gives a special place to the representation of the feminine body in its instep, tension and stretching. Fascinated by the body ease which can take a balanced, symmetrical, sensual and sometimes geometric form, it seeks to enhance the dynamics, the energy, the vitality of the body in motion, and to better highlight its freedom.

Artwork by Sculptor Florence Sartori

Flamme, 4in x 12in x 2in, 2017 © Florence Sartori

Mireille Lopez – Painter

Following events and meetings, Mireille Lopez gave free rein to her desire to express herself through abstract painting. It began with watercolors then very quickly in acrylic paint on canvas. She likes to discover textures, supports and techniques by herself and she started to paint but also to draw. As her work progresses, the colors are more displayed, more vivid and the canvases bigger. Her favorite format is the one square meter canvas. The origin of each of her paint is an emotion, a moment of life or a state of mind.

Painting by self-taught painter Mireille Lopez

Ladies’ Game, Souls’ Game, 39 in x 79 in, 2019 © Mireille Lopez

Zoé B – Peintre

Through the specific use of dripping which results in the body fragmentation, Zoé B takes us to the other side of the mirror, where life is only movement, impermanence and unpredictability. Her bodies dance, jump, explode and let go, therefore unveiling the impetuosity of movements which are the core of any life. Combining technical accuracy and spontaneity, Zoé B’s Artworks are in between figurative and abstract Art in which the characters seem to dissolve themselves, disappearing and inviting us to let go in an unrestricted agreement to the movements of life that animate us, go through us and inexorably shape us.

Artwork by Painter Zoé B

The Bride, 51 in x 38 in, 2017 © Zoé B

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Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair