• 28 Jun 2018

Art-Trope offers all the services that are essential to the development of the worldwide Artists’ career development available directly online. Discover Art-Trope’s plans and personalized services.

Art-Trope’s plans for worldwide Artists

Art-Trope‘s goal is to accelerate the artistic career of worldwide Artists. To that end, we offer Artists all the services they need to master and develop their international artistic career on the long-term. Upon their registration, the Artists can choose among Art-Trope’s plans which enable them to build an enhanced online profile and to access all the pay per services available directly from their accounts. “Art-Trope is what we have been waiting for as Artists. Where to go? Who do we talk to? Which direction should we take? Since I joined Art-Trope, I have been constantly learning. Beyond the fact that I no longer feel alone, and to keep going forward, Art-Trope enabled me to feel serene, and managed to offer me the essential tools for my development whenever I needed” explained Sculptor Minh Châu.

Art-Trope's plans for worldwide Artists

Art-Trope’s plans for worldwide Artists

Pay per services available for the Artists

All Artists are different and do not have the same needs. Indeed, the set of services that are put at their disposal by Art-Trope covers all their needs to develop and master their artistic career at their own pace. Creation and correction of communication materials, personalized support or enhanced digital communication, Artist activate
what they need from their accounts. “Art-Trope’s pay per additional services in a few words: rigor, availability, attentiveness and professionalism are at the core of its team that knows how to share its vision while guiding the Artist through the vision he has of his own Artistic statement. To me, such services are relevant and efficient” highlights Photographer Roland Giuseppelli.

Infinity of colors

Infinity of colors © Pixabay

A customized support to develop an artistic career

Art-Trope is not a simple online platform, because the goal is to deliver to the Artists a service in interaction with the Fine Arts market and support them on the long-term. On the globalization level, it is important for them to be able to exhibit internationally and safely for their Artworks. The more they will exhibit on the long-term, the more collectors who generally become investors will buy their Artworks as explained in our presentation video. As a result, Art-Trope’s services enable them to benefit from a personalized support to position themselves in the Fine Arts market. “Why did I choose Art-Trope? For its logistics support, its personalized advice to Artists, and its follow-up. In fact, everything an Artist needs. Thanks to Art-Trope I sold one of my Artworks during one of its private exhibitions” said Painter Josiane Pape.

Personalized support

Personalized support © Pixabay


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