• 17 Nov 2017

Art-Trope, the only business model that can support Artists’ careers on the long-term, presents its set of services dedicated to worldwide Artists:

This image represents Art-Trope's banner which is made of colored stripes using watercolors technique.

© Art-Trope 2017

The New Generation of Artists Agency

Art-Trope is not a mere online platform. Effectively, the goal is to deliver to the Artists a service in interaction with the Fine Arts market in the Art capital cities: Paris, New York, London and support them on the long-term. Obviously, on the globalization level, it is important for them to be able to exhibit internationally and safely for their artworks. The more they will exhibit in these cities in the long-term, the more collectors who generally become investors will buy their artworks. Concurrently an additional financial support has been created to take over part of their expenses: the Sponsorship System.

A set of services adapeted to worldwide Artists’ needs

The current set of Art-Trope services is available in the 3 major cities of the Fine Arts market: Paris, New York and London:

This sheet conceals Art-Trope's services pricing for a representation in one or all the Art capital cities: Paris, New York and London.

Services Recap Sheet © Art-Trope 2017

Whichever service Artists choose, they gain access to a certain amount of tools and/or services to build and maintain their international visibility in the city or cities of their choice including:

a professional portfolio presenting their career trajectory and their artwork,
introductions to exhibition spaces interested in their artwork,
constructive feedbacks from Art professionals on their work and researches,
an online article dedicated to their activity and published on our website and social media,
the creation of an Art-Trope Internet page linked to their website and social networks,
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their Art-Trope Internet page,
preferred rates from Art-Trope partners useful for their artistic career development.

This image is extracted from Art-Trope's presentation video and represents two smiling Artists overseeing the Art capital cities and surrounded by their satisfied Art collecors.

Art-Trope – Career Accelerator © Art-Trope 2017

Art-Trope’s added value: its Sponsorship System!

In the eyes of Virginie Tison, the Founder, it is important to allow Artists to bene t from an additional nancial opportunity for their projects and for the daily management of their artistic career. That’s the spirit of the Sponsorship System.

How does the Sponsorship System work?

Following up the Artists’ online subscription, they can benefit from the sponsorship system. When other Artists of their network subscribe by referencing their name, Art-Trope finances the sponsors’ expenses to advance their career through a sponsorship voucher as set up in the table below:

This sheet shows how Art-Trope's Sponsorship System works to financially support the Artists' needs.

Sponsorship System Sheet © Art-Trope 2017

“Art-Trope is what Artists have been waiting for. If we don’t take care of our visibility, it is highly difficult to keep going forward. Where should we go ? Who should we get in touch with? What strategy should we implement? Virginie, as both an Artist and Art-Trope’s Founder, knew how to guide me through the Fine Arts market.” Minh Châu, Art-Trope Artist.

This image is extracted from Art-Trope's presentation video and represents Founder and CEO Virginie Tison flanked wih two satisfied Artists overseeing the Art capital cities.

Art-Trope – A unique solution © Art-Trope 2017

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