• 18 Nov 2018

Social medias have become a must have in the development of your artistic career. Master your social medias and boost your visibility with the Art-Trope’s Training!

Following up your requests, Art-Trope provides you with an efficient and easy half-a-day training to use the social medias’ best practice in your daily life.

Digital Communication Art-Trope

The next training sessions are:

  • Saturday, 26th January 2019 from 2pm to 6.30pm,
  • Sunday, 27th January 2019 from 2pm to 6.30pm.

The Training includes:

  • 4 hours Training about the following social medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube et Pinterest;
  • 1 user guide specifically designed for your artistic career.

Wait no more to master your social medias and boost your visibility!

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Personalized support Art-Trope

For each social media, the Training will answer all your major questions: 

  • Why is this social media important to my career?
  • How do I use it ?
  • What topics should I share?
  • How to draw the attention and develop my community?
  • What are this social media’s goal?

Art-Trope answers all your questions and adapts to your needs!

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