• 16 Jan 2020

From 17th to 19th January 2020, Art-Trope is pleased to participate at the Taipei Art-Future Contemporary Art Fair by representing 4 Art-Trope Artists / Art-Trope 非常榮幸能參加2020年,台北『未來藝術』當代藝術博覽會,並展出四位Art-Trope的藝術家:

Fubon International Conference Center of Taipei in Taiwan @ Booth 13
from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th January 2020
VIP Preview and Opening: Friday 17th January 2020 from 2 pm to 10 pm

2020年一月17 (週五) 到19號 (週日) / 於台北富邦國際會議中心/ 13號展區

Art-Trope @ Art-Future in Taipei Booth 13

Art-Future in Taipei Booth 13 @ Art-Trope

ART-FUTURE ART-FUTURE is a booming Art Fair /『未來藝術』是一個剛崛起的藝術博覽會

The Contemporary Art Fair ART-FUTURE 2020 founded by Formosa Art Fair Co. – the first professional Art group organizing Art Fairs in Taiwan – is organized by Founder Richard CHANG at the Fubon International Conference Center and at the hotel San Want in Taipei from 17th to 19th January 2020. It will be enlarged to a wider space to present more masterpieces to celebrate the 10 years after of YOUNG ART TAIPEI since 2009.

2020年『未來藝術』當代藝術博覽會,奠定在福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會之上,為台灣第一個專業的藝術博覽會策展團隊。 由創始人Richard CHANG於2020年1月17日至19日,在富邦國際會議中心和台北神旺大飯店舉辦。更擴張到更大的空間,以展示更多的藝術傑作和慶祝自2009年開始的 台北青年藝術展 (YOUNG ART TAIPEI).

The 4 Artists represented by Art-Trope are / Art-Trope介紹的藝術家如下: 

Booth 13 ART-FUTURE in Taipei Taïwan © ART-TROPE

Guillaume Dimanche – 紀堯姆·迪曼奇

Visual Artist and Photographer, Guillaume Dimanche explored different natural landscapes as a child have shaped his artistic approach as a traveler and observer of the environment. Educated at the Beaux-Arts in Poitiers, then in Paris, he acquired knowledge and developed its aesthetics. His work in photomontage, initiated in the early 90s, at the early stage of Digital Art, has reached a maturity and a unique aesthetic writing. It has been exhibited in France as well as in many major European cities, in the Middle East and in Asia. He has been selected for photographic publications and for various residencies, grants and aids to creation and awarded with several prizes. He runs workshops and photography classes in schools of Art and design, elementary schools and high schools in France and French institutes abroad. His vision and his particular technique lead in a singular work in the 21st century. His visual compositions present a fantasized and unique vision in today’s Art.

視覺藝術家、攝影師。紀堯姆·迪曼奇 (Guillaume Dimanche) 在他早期走遍了各種的⾃然風光,這些自然景致造就了他作為旅行者和環境觀察者的藝術研究與眼光。在普瓦提埃(Poitiers)和巴黎美術學院接受培訓時,培養了其專業知識 和美學發展。他的蒙太奇攝影作品始於90年代初期,從數位藝術的開始就已經達到成熟,並擁有其獨特的美學書寫。他曾在法國及歐洲各⼤城市,並中東和亞洲展出。他多次獲選於各類獎項、攝影出版和藝術駐村的機會,並獲得攝影才華獎(la Bourse du Talent)的創作補助。他在法國藝術設計學校、高中,以及國外的法署機構等地帶領攝影課程與⼯作坊。其眼光與特殊的技術,為21世紀帶來來了了獨一無二的作品。創作出的視覺作品為當今藝術呈現了奇幻且獨特的視野。

Oeuvre du Photographe Guillaume Dimanche

The Wait / 等待, 2019 © Guillaume Dimanche

The photomontage reveals a work of correction of the perspectives. Guillaume Dimanche’s ones are based on the observation of the human and his actions on the landscape by means of digital tools. It expresses the contemporary through a particular photographic writing, poetic and musical, on these subjects.

蒙太奇攝影表現了各種透視的校正工作。正是紀堯姆·迪曼奇 (Guillaume Dimanche)建立在⼈類觀察上和他通過數位工具在風景上的活動。透過特殊的攝影以及充滿詩意與⾳樂性的書寫,他在這些主題上表現出當代感。他的創作靈感來來源自傳統的藝術作品和當代的藝術史,宛如一位數位造型的探索家

Guillaume Dimanche Art-Trope profile

Lucie Ternisien – 露⻄西·特尼森

When she turned 15, Lucie Ternisien inherited from a camera. Therefore she began to photograph the streets of the city and their inhabitants, those passers-by who can be seen there for a while. Architecture, but also urban ambiances are her first subjects. Then, street scenes drew her attention, and, more extensively, all the subjects that can be crystallized there; both human and societal. Thus, during travels around the world but mainly in Europe, she performs her photographic work, always close to reality, but in a poetic way, causing an almost fantastic emotion from real images. As a Filmmaker, photography is her first field of expression of an imaginary inspired by reality, which capture passes through the frame and the light, and the stories that she reads in filigree through a face, a posture, a construction, a space, a color.

露⻄·特尼森(Lucie Ternisien) 在15歲時繼承了了⼀台相機,於是開始了他為城市街道與當地居民,和一些眼光瞬間交會的⾏人們的攝影。建築與城市環境都是他的首要主題。然後是吸引他的街頭場景,以及所有可以在此處凝結的主題。人類如同社會。然而,在他環遊旅行期間(主要在歐洲)所拍攝的攝影作品,雖然總是貼近現實,卻又以詩意的方式,由真實影像出發所產⽣生的近乎幻想的情感。再者,作為一位電影製片人,攝影是他能夠將受到真實啟發的影像表現出來的最初場所,藉由框架與光線的捕捉、以及透過臉上紋路閱讀出來的歷史,一個姿勢,一棟建築,一個空間和一抹顏色。

Oeuvre de la Photographe Lucie Ternisien

Princess Walk / 公主漫步, 2018 © Lucie Ternisien

Lucie Ternisien develops her photography in the poetic, humanistic and emotional dimension of the reality she captures. Her photographs question the link between human beings and their environment, but also the link between spaces, objects and the void that inhabits it. It seeks to keep track of the poetry that fills the moment, the space, and create a different beauty, made by the subject and by his attitude, by what he embodies and symbolizes, also determined by the framing and the natural light. There are reportage and street photographers who inspires the photographs, such as Alex Webb and Martin Parr.

露⻄·特尼森(Lucie Ternisien) 在⼀個詩意維度下發展其攝影作品,他捕捉的真實富有情感和人道主義色彩。他的作品探討了人類與其環境之間,以及他們與居住的場所、物品和空間之間的關聯。他試圖想要保留在詩裡駐留瞬間的痕跡,與空間和他者美學的創作,由主體和其態度,透過體現與象徵,同時也透過構圖和自然光線來製作。如同 Alex Webb 和 Marin Parr 受到紀實與街頭攝影的啟發。

Lucie Ternisien Art-Trope profile

Mireille Lopez – 米雷耶·洛洛佩茲

In her childhood, Mireille Lopez likes to write: the letters speak to her. Concurrently, she also dedicates herself to drawing. One day she found herself letting go her route, eyes closed, listening to music. The result was then the abstract expression of her imagination, she will never forget this moment, this instant of totally spontaneous creation so expressive and deeply liberating. After a scientific training, she followed a higher education and obtained a diploma in Industrial Pharmacist. Her encounter with painting came later in life, as a revelation for Mireille Lopez that nothing predestined to this Art. Very curious by nature, she decided to discover by herself the techniques. She feeds on the work of Cy Twombly, Jack Whitten, Frantisek Kupka, Georges Mathieu, Hans Hartung and Zao Wou-Ki.

米雷耶·洛佩茲(Mireille Lopez)在孩童時期就喜歡寫作與⽂字交談,同時, 也致⼒於畫畫。某天,他發現⾃已離開了原有的道路,閉著雙眼並聽著⾳樂。 這個經驗開啟了他想像力的抽象表達,這⼀刻,他感到完全⾃發的活動著,如此具有表現⼒和完全的自由。這⼀刻,令他永⽣難忘。經過科學培訓之後,她繼續深造並獲得了⼯業藥劑師⽂憑。她與繪畫的相遇延遲了。對於米雷耶·洛佩茲(Mireille Lopez)而言,沒有什麼能夠讓她預想到,有天可以做出這樣的藝術作品。因著天⽣的好奇心,她決定來來找尋自⼰的繪畫技巧,並受到 Cy Twombly,Jack Whitten,Frantisek Kupka,Georges Mathieu,Hans Hartung和Zao Wou-Ki 等作品的滋養為基礎。

Oeuvre de l'Artiste Peintre Mireille Lopez

Blue Resilience River / 藍色彈力河流, 2019 © Mireille Lopez

In 2017, following events and meetings, Mireille Lopez gave free rein to her desire to express herself through abstract painting. It began with watercolors then very quickly in acrylic paint on canvas. Totally self-taught, she likes to discover textures, supports and techniques by herself and she started to paint but also to draw. As her work progresses, the colors are more displayed, more vivid and the canvases bigger.

在2017年的一些活動和會議之後,米雷耶·洛佩茲(Mireille Lopez) 表達出⾃己對於創作抽象繪畫的渴望。他從水彩開始,但很快的便著手於壓克力繪畫。 完全⾃學成才,他喜歡⾃己來發掘材料與技巧,也嘗試了繪畫與素描。他的作品隨著時間的發展,⾊彩更加鮮豔⽣動,畫布的尺⼨也越來越⼤。他最喜歡的尺⼨則是⼀公尺的方形畫布。他每個畫布的來源都帶有一個情感,一個⽣命的片段或是⼀個精神狀態。

Mireille Lopez Art-Trope profile

Zoé B – 柔伊·B

Painter Artist and Psychiatrist, the inner world is for Zoé B an inspiration and Art its expression. Painting was her first therapy, soon fueled by a growing interest for psychology and symbolism while opening herself to spirituality, including the study of biblical texts and meditation. Such an introspective period led her to start an analysis and train to later become a Psychiatrist “in free awaken dream”. In her everlasting quest of sense, Zoé B discovered the symbolism of the Hebrew Letters. After a few years of study and personal research on the topic, she approached the Art of calligraphy in 2005 with renowned calligrapher Frank LALOU. Such an almost daily practice deeply influenced her painting which grew in terms of expression and accuracy. Whether it comes to painting, calligraphy, psychiatry or spirituality, the corner stone of her artistic statement is the try to understand and apprehend humanity in all its complexity. Her Artworks, definitely modern, amaze, surprise, and even disturb sometimes but always invite the viewer to let go and to the introspection.

自從柔伊·B (Zoé B) 受到精神分析的培訓以來,內心世界就是他的一個靈感來源及表達的藝術⽅式。繪畫作為他的第一個藝術治療,很快地便開啟了他對心理學及符號學的濃厚興趣。同時,藉由聖經⽂本的研讀和冥想,打開了他對靈性的⽣活。在這段時期的內省他進行了分析,而後在“自由醒夢”之中訓練心理分析專家。ZoéB在對意義的永恆追求中,發現了希伯來字母的象徵意思。經過幾年的學習與個人研究,在2005 年向著名書法家弗蘭克·拉魯 Frank LALOU 接觸了書法藝術。這個幾乎每日的操練影響了他的作品,使他的表現力與精準度都得到了提升。無論是繪畫、書法、精神分析還是靈性,他論述的基石都是試圖明白和理解人性所有的復雜性。他的作品充滿堅定的現代性,令人著迷、驚奇,儘管時而令人不安,但卻又總是能讓人放下與內省。

zoe b - infinitif n8 - peinture - 97x130 - 2019

Infinitive number 8 / 不定式第八號, 2019  © Zoé B

Through the specific use of dripping which results in the body fragmentation, Zoé B takes us to the other side of the mirror, where life is only movement, impermanence and unpredictability. Her bodies dance, jump, explode and let go, therefore unveiling the impetuosity of movements which are the core of any life.

柔伊·B (Zoé B)透過滴畫的特殊技巧產生的身體碎裂效果,帶領我們來到鏡⼦的另一端,在那裡,一切都僅是運動,無常和不可預測。他身體的舞蹈、旋轉、爆發和遺棄,意味著一切生命基礎中內心活動的急躁。

Zoé B Art-Trope profile

About d’Art-Trope / 關於Art-Trope

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