• 8 Mar 2020

Since 1977, when this date was formalized by the UN, the 8th March has been recognized worldwide as a day of international celebration of women’s rights. It is on this occasion that Art-Trope takes the opportunity to honor Mireille Lopez, Florence Sartori and Zoé B, three women Artists who are exhibiting at two upcoming Contemporary Art fairs in Germany and Denmark. 

We Can Do It! -1943 © J. Howard Miller

We Can Do It! -1943 © J. Howard Miller

As in several other fields throughout history, women have been relegated to the sidelines of the Art world. However, since the Neolithic Period, it has been women who have acted as the stimulants for the development of culture, and therefore Art. However, so many of these women remain anonymous due to their marital status; the presence of a husband, whilst securing social validation, denied them their artistic agency and creative potential and often resulted in their husbands’ appropriation of their work. Art served as a means of emancipation for these women: it offered promise of notoriety and an opportunity to express female identity. Working in the wake of Artists who so profoundly shaped women’s impact on the course of Art history, such as Frida Kahlo, Nan Goldin and Louise Bourgeois, Art-Trope presents these three Artists-in-the-making.

This month, Mireille Lopez presents her series, “Colours of emotion”. Lopez embraces the power of colour to represent emotions, often using several colours to capture more complex feelings, or a multitude of emotions experienced in succession. Indeed, at the origin of each of her paintings lies a distinct experience or state of mind. The corresponding colours express luminosity, joy, depth, dullness, vivacity, brilliance, explosiveness, and even harmony. After a moment of reflection to choose her colours and specific technique, Lopez launches into her creative process. Mireille Lopez gives free rein to her creativity and welcomes spontaneity, which is essential to her artistic agenda. She then takes a step back from her canvas, observes the forms that emerge, and then works to perfect the abstract expression of her subject. Lopez seeks to visually express feelings and relationships, but also the beauty of human vulnerability. She draws her creativity from the true experience of living. 

mireille lopez - embrace - painting - 100x100 - 2020

Embrace – painting – 2020 © Mireille Lopez

In her series “Dynamics”, Florence Sartori explores the dynamics of the body in movement through visualising the physicality of tension and stretch. She places women at the centre of her aesthetic universe, focusing on conjuring emotion through her focus on reality, explored visually via timeless female figures, and often drawing inspiration from dance. Fascinated by the ease with which the human body can adopt a balanced, symmetrical, sensual and sometimes geometric form, she seeks to enhance the energy and vitality of this body in movement, and thus signify its freedom. Sartori focuses on the vitality of the flesh, on an isolated moment of silent movement, much like a snapshot, which births the essence of her sculptural line. This line is refined and stylised in an attempt to capture the nature of the female body in its most universal form: curvaceous and voluptuous, flexible and sensual. These forms are balanced, tense, their gestures suspended, often caught in the midst of a swaying movement or aerial arabesque.

Miss S - sculpture - 2017 © Florence Sartori

Miss S – sculpture – 2017 © Florence Sartori

Zoé B’s latest series of works, entitled ”Infinitive”, a verb which describes an unconjugated action. These portraits seek to capture the most absolute and authentic self, the raw, unadulterated, instinctual and spontaneous persona, which remains, unchanging, beyond the nuances of our external, often performative personalities. Through her adoption of the drip technique and the consequent fragmentation of forms, Zoé B transports us to the other side of the mirror. Combining technical precision with spontaneity, Zoé B’s works stand on the border between figurative and abstract, in which her characters seem to dissolve.

zoe b - infinitive n12 - painting - 97x130x2 - 2019

Infinitive n°12 – painting – 2019 © Zoé B

Meet these three talented Artists at the following fairs:

This Contemporary Art Fair remains a tradition in the Stuttgart region. Sindelfingen, a small southern German city in Baden-Württemberg, is renowned for automobile production, and is the home of the Mercedes brand. Art is omnipresent in this city of 70,000 inhabitants, several thousand of whom work in the automotive industry. The show attracts a large audience each year.
Art Nordic is the most important art fair in Scandinavia, which takes place in the alternative and emblematic Lockomotivvaertkstedet, a former repair workshop of steam locomotives located in the Danish capital. Transformed into a building dedicated to art, this venue has morphed into a popular meeting place for the inhabitants of Copenhagen. It is also frequented by many Swedish collectors, who only have to cross the Oresundsbron bridge running between Denmark and Sweden to arrive in the Danish capital. 
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