• 6 Mar 2018

Trace Burroughs, American Artist specialized in digital Art tells us his story and shares with us his approach to the Arts.

This mixed media Artwork by Trace Burroughs Based on Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Raphael, at The National Gallery, London

Based on Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Raphael at The National Gallery, London, mixed media © Trace Burroughs

His path

My dad was an Artist and so is my brother. Many of my parents friends were also Artists. Therefore, I grew up in that environment. I started painting at the age of 10 and soon sold hundreds of Artworks. However, I primarly focus on digital Art now. As a self taught Artist, I have always been involved in creative activities in my professional and non professional life. As a result, I did not have a professional activity that inspired me per say. Indeed, inspiration comes from the world around me and my thoughts. I am currently based in Redding, CT, in the United Sates.

His artistic statement

I mostly find inspiration in Art and music but also in the world around me. The future is probably my most favorite recurrent theme. That being said, I also deal a lot with the existential condition of mankind. My technique and approach is eclectic and allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in a fluid and abstract or surreal way. As a result, digital Art is the most apporiate medium to serve my statement. I want the viewer to look at my Art in wonder, eliciting conscious and sub conscious thoughts and feelings they may not be able articulate.

This mixed media Artwork by Art-Trope Artist Trace Burroughs is entitled Behind Button Eyes.

Behind Button Eyes © Trace Burroughs

His evolution

My pratice evolved as I worked digitally through time and learned to use the tools that are better suited to express my concepts. My last series is composed of mid-century abstract expressionistic Art using acrylic paint and canvas. However, I am formulating ideas for more surreal genre Art. In termes of inspiration, I use the Internet as well as Art galleries and museums exhibitions. It will enable me to take my next steps. Some of my Artworks are included in the Westport, CT Municipal Permanent Art Collection along with Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Motherwell, and others.

His exhibitions

I have had exhibitions in several galleries museums and Art fairs including Miami Art Basel, the Fairfield Museum and History Center and Read’s Ground Floor Gallery. In February of 2017 I curated and participated in a show at the
Carriage Barn Gallery which is a large beautiful space to show Art. There was a great attendance. Some Artworks were sold and the Artists who participated were very happy with me. That was one the best exhibition memories I have got. With another Artist, we are currently exploring spaces in downtown Westport CT, to create a show we will also be in. Westport is one of the wealthiest town in the United States and has lots of Art collectors.

This mixed media Artwork by Trace Burroughs is entitled Futuristic Hoedown and was made by Art-Trope Artist Trace Burroughs.

Futuristic Hoedown © Trace Burroughs

His relationship to Art-Trope

Trying to get my Art in galleries in major cities remains the main obstacle. Art-Trope provides that service I’m looking for in regard to introducing my work to new galleries in major cities. The idea is to get my Art into Paris galleries and possibly attract the attention of collectors. Depending on how it goes, I would also try to get my work in other cities such as London and New York.

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