• 23 Jan 2018

The Art world is in a turmoil after reknown Art-dealer David Zwirner announced the upcoming opening of a 5-storey New Yorker gallery. As a result, the conception of the building located in Chelsea has been entrusted to architect Renzo Piano. What is at stake?

This photograph was taken by Dirk Eusterbrock and represents famous Art-dealer David Zwirner.

David Zwirner © Dirk Eusterbrock

50 million dollars invested for a gallery opening planed in 2020

It is on the corner of West 21st street of New York at the core Chelsea that David Zwirner decided to build his new gallery. Indeed, 50 million dollars have been allocated to the construction entrusted to architect Renzo Piano. He is among the Art-dealer’s “great heroes” like he told the New York Times. Even though the conception of the building is still a work in progress, its spirit will be resemble the ones of David Zwirner’s existing galleries designed by Annabelle Selldorf. Renzo Piano’s latest accomplishments, including the Menil Collection in Houston and the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, Switzerland, inspired the Art-dealer. In that context, Renzo Piano insisted on his will to establish a “visual psychological connection between the building and the street”. As a result, the opening is planned to take place in 2020. Moreover, David Zwirner recently opened its first Asian gallery in Hong Kong.

A gallery that goes against the flow

While Art galleries around the world have a life expectancy from 3 to 5 years, David Zwirner goes against the flow of contemporary Art. In fact, when galleries have a tendency to reduce their exhibition spaces because of their budget cuts, David Zwirner is doing the exact opposite. As a result, the gallery will spread its wings on 5 floors entirely dedicated to exhibitions. The announcement of the future gallery coincides with the 25th anniversary of David Zwirner’s rise in the Fine Arts market. To celebrate, an exhibition gathering all the Artists that shaped David Zwirner’s empire is currently under discussion. With its 43 000 square feet, the gallery aims at offering the represented Artists a unique setting. Nonetheless, his main challenge remains to reach a balance for the Artists who often consider direct relationships as essential. Effectively, some may look unfavorably on the gallery’s colossal expansion because of the fear of being reduced to one Artist among the crowd.

This photograph represents the David Zwirner gallery in London.

David Zwirner gallery in London

David Zwirner, second most influential Art-dealer after Larry Gagosian

David Zwirner, 53 year-old is the second most influential gallerist in the Fine Arts market after Larry Gagosian. He is a renowned and respected collector, but also a rigorous business man. Indeed, its galleries bring over half a billion dollars every year to the table. His 163 employees work all over the world to represent 50 Artists. Among them there is Felix Gonzales-Torres. He is one of the FIAC director Jennifer Flay’s protégés. The idea of the new gallery is to become the center of gravity while making sure the quality of the exhibitions is constantly ensured for the Artists. The construction of such a colossal gallery is a balancing act for David Zwirner. Effectively, the goal is to implement a strategy that is both offensive and based on the physical expansion of the exhibition spaces. Nonetheless, the solidity of the represented Artists’ cotations would be a way to overcome the potential obstacles. Art-Trope supports Artists on the long-term through a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. In that context, the company is also animated by quality services while aligning with a growth strategy.

This Pexels image represents a series of Art photographs hanging on a wall.

© Pexels


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