• 29 May 2018

Join Art-Trope, the New Generation of Artists Agency, for the exhibition “INTERSECTION” with a selection of its Artists under the glass ceiling of the Espace Commines at 17 rue Commines in Paris.

Cocktail for the opening on June 7th at 6 pm
Exhibition from June 8th to 19th from 10 am to 7 pm and on June 10th from 10 am to 4 pm

Art-Trope INTERSECTION exhibition poster

Art-Trope INTERSECTION exhibition poster © Art-Trope

INTERSECTION: exploring the connections between color and Black & White (B&W)

Colors and B&W (Black and White) have long been synonyms of opposition. To the purity of the B&W answered a profusion of colors then said to be misleading since it diverted Art from its true subject: line and form. “In a sustainable plastic work it is the form that comes first and everything else should be submitted to it” wrote Le Corbusier. To the contrary, the exhibition “INTERSECTION” proposes to revive the connections between these two worlds. Like ancient Greeks, the idea is to see colors as a continuous line in which B&W are both ends. As a result, colors and B&W embody two languages that the presented Artists use to express their own artistic sensitivity. From painting to photography and sculpture the Artworks echo one another to tell together “adventures in colors” like Photographer Remy Donnadieu used to say. Art-Trope invites its Artists to present their pictorial language to unveil the INTERSECTION between colors and B&W. Through the interplay of artistic correspondences, the exhibition opens new perspectives on the contact point between different ways of expression that finally nothing opposes.

The presented Artists

Abstract Collage by Gysin Broukwen

Silencio, Abstract Collages series, 30in x 19in, 2017 © Gysin Broukwen

Gysin Broukwen, Collagist

Gysin Broukwen defines his Art as CoLL’ArT. Such an artistic expression uses collage techniques from images, fragments of cut that are later assembled to create a sculpture in 2D or through a composition in a predetermined surface.

Sculpture by Minh Châu

Relaxed man, 28in x 63in, 2018 © Minh Châu

Minh Châu, Sculptor

Minh Châu uses papier-mâché to model tall and very thin bodies. Flexible, malleable but also rigid and hard, paper encapsulates the richness the Artist intends to exploit. To create matter is to invite people to pay attention to details and to the marks of time.

Photogaph by Guillaume Dimanche

Hamedine 4 V2, 20in x 28in x 2in, 2018 © Guillaume Dimanche

Guillaume Dimanche, Photographer

The photomontage reveals a work of correction of the perspectives. Guillaume Dimanche’s ones are based on the observation of the human and his actions on the landscape by means of digital tools. It expresses the contemporary through a particular photographic writing, poetic and musical, on these subjects.

Painting by Aymard le Forestier de Quillien

From Black to White, Figuration of the act of feeling series, 21in x 26in, 2014 © Aymard le Forestier de Quillien

Aymard le Forestier de Quillien, Painter

Aymard le Forestier de Quillien’s painting is both a slice of his life and life as a whole. Nothing is linear. To the contrary, it is the story of a wandering painting with canvases like words to create an artistic language made of colors.

Painting by Ueli Kühni

Swiss wrestling 2, The People series, 39in x 39in, 2013 © Ueli Kühni

Ueli Kühni, Painter

Ueli Kühni’s Artworks are mostly close to an interpretative realism, sometimes almost photorealistic and tell stories. They should inspire the viewer to form his or her own story based on a picture. As a result, the ordinary loses its banality.

Photograph by Gildas de la Monneraye

The reader, Tsukiji series, 16in x 20in, 2015 © Gildas de la Monneraye

Gilas de la Monneraye, Photographer

Gildas de la Monneraye is a Photo-realist Artist. His inspiration is in the ballet of everyday life, exploring the human activity, the influence of it in time and space. His images are therefore a reflection of the reality with inevitably a personalized perspective on the truth.

Painting by Graffiti Artist Nebay, Atoms series, 45in x 57in, 2016 © Nebay

Nebay, Graffiti Artist

Nebay explores the infinite possibilities of color through several techniques. The Tag, the Graffiti, painting on canvas are many ways of expression he uses to show his vision of the world. The Artist juggles between abstraction, writing and conveying of hidden messages to better question one’s gaze.

Painting by Agata Preyzner

Sequence 2, Mineral Structures series, 38in x 38in, 2014 © Agata Preyzner

Agata Preyzner, Painter

Long attached to the graphic values of visual expression, the maturing substance of her work became richer and transcended the figurative towards abstract expression. We live in the era of digital technology; her approach is yet deliberately traditionally pictorial.

Artwork by Repiquet

Spatiales 4, Spatial series, 27in x 39in, 2008 © Repiquet

Repiquet, Painter

Through the use of different mediums, Artist Repiquet expresses her profound being as an invitation to introspection. Her artistic statement aims at encouraging human beings to question their own spiritual dimension. The light acts as a revealer of transparency to better unveil the hidden image.

Photograph by Bruno Victoria

Wet 2, Wet series, 24in x 18in, 2015 © Bruno Victoria

Bruno Victoria, Photographer

Photographer Bruno Victoria’s favorite theme is the questioning of reality VS imaginary: the search for the oneiric essence of his surroundings, revealing fragility, with no artifice or staging. Bruno Victoria is particularly interested in childhood and old age because the notion letting ourselves go is more palpable.

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