• 6 Apr 2018

Art-Trope participated in the exhibition opening of Artists and Robots which takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris until July 9th 2018. From the robot as a medium to the humanoid Artist, the idea is to explore the relationship between Art and technology. After making you live the experience on social media, Art-Trope gets more into details about the exhibition.

Digital Artwork by Miguel Chevalier entitled Extra-Natural and made in 2018

Miguel Chevalier, Extra-Natural, 2018 © Art-Trope

An experimental exhibition

Curated by Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, Art historian and professor at Sciences po, and Jérôme Neutres, Director of Strategy and Development at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, the exhibition is an invitation to experimentation. Artworks created by the Artists through their robots and Artworks by the Artists’ humanoid alter ego are mixed. The thirty or so Artworks that are put together aim at building a virtual and interactive world in which the audience finds its own marks. It is also the occasion to ask Artists about their relation to a world that is more and more technology oriented. As a result, the question of the act of creation itself is asked. The exhibition opens right on the topic with a quotation from Artist Nicolas Schöffer, one of the main actors of Kinetic and Cybernetic Art. “Today, Artists no longer create an Artwork, they create creation” explains the Artist.

Artwork by Nicolas Schöffer entitled CYSP1 made in 1956

Nicolas Schöffer, CYSP1, 1956 © Art-Trope

From the robot as a tool to the Artist robot

The relationship between Artists and robots has always been ambiguous. From fascination to reluctance, robots are at the core of many fantasies. It is even more the case in a society where more and more powerful software programs are in the hands of the public and the Artists. The beginning of the exhibition intends on showing robots at the Artist’s service. In the first room, Nicolas Schöffer’s robot entitled CYSP1 and made in 1956 invites us to join the dance. This autonomous Artwork projects colorful shadows in space constantly interacting with its environment. Through his Artwork, the Artist opens a door to the 4th dimension, that of the time. The more we go on the exhibition, the more robots become autonomous to transform into a creator. Indeed, Orlan’s humanoid alter ego flanked by two video installations closes the exhibition with the voice of the Artist. The robot shouts feminist and pacifist catch phrases about our society’s issues.

Robot Artwork by Artists So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi

So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi © Art-Trope

The new era of Robotic Art

The advent of a digital era is relatively new. The themes that are addressed however remain the same: relationship between mankind and nature, act of creation. It is the case of the digital forest in virtual reality by Artist Miguel Chevalier. He designed a digital garden which grows, moves and dies along with the public’s movements. It is a transition to an Art that one could call Robotic. Artists create systems through technology that enable them to create Artworks they would not have been able to create with traditional mediums. Even though it is still the early stage of digital Art, we can analyze it through Art History. In fact, since Antiquity, mankind have been dreaming about artificial creatures that would resemble them. The exhibition Artists and Robots questions such history as well as our relationship to creation.

Humanoid Artwork by Orlan at the Grand Palais in Paris

Orlan © Art-Trope


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Source: Réseau des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais