• 19 Sep 2018

Transcription of Consultant, Coach and female leadership Ambassador Dominique Barreau’s article published on September 19th, 2018 in Forbes France.

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Art-Trope Founder and CEO Virginie Tison and Painter Agata Preyzner during the INTERSECTION exhibition

Virginie Tison (to the left), Founder and CEO Fondatrice of Art-Trope and Agata Preyzner (to the right), Painter, during the INTERSECTION exhibition organized by Art-Trope in Paris in June 2018 © Art-Trope

Virginie Tison is the Founder and CEO of Art-Trope, accelerator of opportunities and career dedicated to worldwide Fine Arts Artists and Collectors. Since she was a Painter and an investors’ relations coordinator, she knows now how to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to the international Fine Arts market. Her ambition? Enable Artists to create more serenely and Collectors to value the Artworks they select with passion.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

“When I was a Painter between Paris and New York, I was confronted to the difficulties faced by each Artist to stand out in the international Fine Arts market. I turned my life around completely when I realized that my friends who exhibited in museums and in great galleries ended up, as life went on, outside of this market. As a result, given the instability of the artistic careers, the Collectors hesitate more and more to risk investing with no guaranty. Concurrently, I noticed that some of them inherited Artworks that were bought by their families and which value significantly dropped. However, each Artwork conveys a piece of its author’s soul. Therefore, bringing sustainable solutions to worldwide Artists and Collectors became my life goal. As a something self-evident, I became an entrepreneur so that I could create all the tools necessary to the development of that community.”

How was Art-Trope born? What clicked inside of you?

“It is unconceivable that Artists who gained a solid international reputation and who are included in important collections end up being invisible in the Fine Arts market. It is also very unfair to the Collectors who see their Artworks lose value as time goes on. As a “New Generation” of Artists Agency, Art-Trope supports Fine Arts Artists on the long-term through services adapted to their needs. It is an efficient system to solve their career’s instability and, as a result, the devaluation of the Collectors’ Artworks. The name Art-Trope is significant because a “trope” is a stylistic device that embellishes the meaning of a word or an expression. Art-Trope embellishes the Fine Arts market by bringing solutions to the chaos it experiences.”

Art-Trope Let Artists Create!

Art-Trope, Let Artists Create ! © Art-Trope and Video Telling

What were your challenges?

This market is very obscure and tricky to approach. In order to have a 360 degrees vision of its players, I spent 4 years searching and experimenting in New York and Paris, in galleries, with Artists and Collectors. With all those efforts I came to create systems and tools to bring solutions. The Swiss Bank of Geneva then represented Art-Trope for a year. It was a great achievement. However, the entrepreneurship world is very masculine which forces women entrepreneurs to become even stronger. This is the reason why I decided to gain experience in business and shareholders management with 4 years of professional experience in Investors Relations in major international firms. Therefore, I reinforced my ability to manage a business but above all to master valuable skills to succeed in this market, and, of course, to reinsure our investors. Also, a recent study by Bank of America’s US Trust showed that more and more women become Collectors and invest in this market.”

Art-Trope’s Roll Up Let Artists Create !

Art-Trope’s Roll Up, Let Artists Create ! © Art-Trope

What makes you proud today?

“Art-Trope arouses the interest of Artists and Collectors. Since September 2017 and in less than a year, we have had close to 35 000 unique visits on our website www.art-trope.com. Also, we built a solid community on social Media with more than 7200 followers on our Facebook Fan Page. We are also very pleased with our INTERSECTION exhibition which we organized in June 2018 at the Espace Commines in Paris with ten of our Artists and more than 700 visitors in 3 days. The Réunion des Musées Nationaux (Grand Palais) liked our exhibition which shows the quality of our Artists and our curation. Soon after the exhibition, we also had the great pleasure to be selected as part of the cultural Start-Ups incubator Créatis, the Residence of cultural and media entrepreneurs in Paris. All of it wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts of Art-Trope’s associates and collaborators! All those steps we made together really make me proud: I note that our passion and determination remain intact.”

Art-Trope INTERSECTION exhibition in Paris at the Espace Commines in June 2018

INTERSECTION exhibition opening organized by Art-Trope at the Espaces Commines in Paris from June 8th to 10th 2018 © Michel Rubinel

What is your passion as an entrepreneur?

“In all my actions, there is the same goal: restore balance between Artists and Collectors so that the first can create more and the second can collect with their hearts. What matters the most to me is to implement technological and innovative solutions to reach my goals. Art is an amazing way of interacting between cultures and people. Enable it to grow in a fair and dynamic system is also a way to solve deep social crisis such as the Artists’ isolation. To me, creating innovative systems to contribute to a better world is the very definition of entrepreneurship.”

Art-Trope Founder and President Virginie Tison

Art-Trope Founder and President Virginie Tison © Michel Rubinel

What is the energy that drives you the most?

“Our Artists and Collectors are the ones who give me energy on a daily basis and above all encourage me to keep going forward with my life goal. Art-Trope and its tram make sure that every single action has a meaningful impact. During the INTERSECTION exhibition, one of the Artists, Swiss Painter Ueli Kühni, said something that really moved us: “It is the first great thing I have in my life with my paintings.”

“Supporting Artists and Collectors to make them go forward is our mission. We have had a single motto since the beginning of this adventure: “Let Artists Create!””.