• 19 Apr 2018

From Friday April 27th to Saturday April 28th, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard organizes the 6th edition of INTOTO. Thomas Fougeirol, Julien Carreyn and Pepo Salazar propose a selection of objects found in the Artists’ studio. Art-Trope Photographer Guillaume Dimanche is part of the selected Artists.

Polaroïd 2 made in 1991 by Guillaume Dimanche

Polaroïd 2, 1991 © Guillaume Dimanche

The INTOTO 6 exhibition : Tribute to the act of creation

The Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, located at the core of Paris, is both an exhibition space and a meeting point dedicated to Contemporary Art. The idea is to continue the patron work that has been initiated by the Ricard company for the past twenty years. As a result, the Foundation aims at promoting a brand new generation of Artists. In that context, it organizes between five and six exhibitions a year by inviting Curators. An award has also been given to young Artists every year since 1999. The exhibition INTOTO 6 is curated by Thomas Fougeirol, Julien Carreyn and Pepo Salazar and lays the emphasis on the very first steps of the act of creation. Indeed, the idea is to offer the audience the possibility to experience pieces of Art that are off the selling market and yet are the basis of artistic inspiration. As a result, the collected objects are hung in a linear way and without framing.

Guillaume Dimanche’s photography : between softness, subtlety and pungency

Visual Artist and Photographer, Guillaume Dimanche spent his youth exploring different natural landscapes which shaped his artistic approach as a traveler and observer of the environment. Educated at the Beaux-Arts in Poitiers then in Paris, he acquired knowledge and developed its aesthetics. His work in photomontage, initiated in the early 90s, at the early stage of Digital Art, has reached a maturity and a unique aesthetic writing. “My work is a perspective on what is contemporary” said Guillaume Dimanche to Art-Trope during his exclusive interview. He exhibited in France as well as in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, he runs workshops and photography classes in schools of Art and design, high schools in France and French institutes abroad. “I always do technical and creative experiments so I can illustrate or develop a subject, a particular reflection” explains Guillaume Dimanche.

Polaroïd 3 made in 1991 by Guillaume Dimanche

Polaroïd 3, 1991 © Guillaume Dimanche

Guillaume Dimanche’s expectations for the exhibition

As part of the exhibition INTOTO 6, Guillaume Dimanche proposes Polaroids he made in 1991. Art-Trope asked him what his expectations were for this event. “A limited series of Polaroids will be presented as part of this exhibition. INTOTO 6 shows the marks, fragments that were found, prepared, sketched, and instantaneous by Artists in their studios. Such photographs are not Artworks but notes, tests; the first drafts of the construction of a gaze and an artistic work. Made in the dawn of the digital era, these are the first pieces of the puzzle that defines my Art” answered Guillaume Dimanche. The public will be able to see his pieces of Art as well as the other participating Artists’ ones on Thursday April 26th from 5:00 pm on the occasion of the exhibition opening.

Polaroïd 1 made in 1991 by Guillaume Dimanche

Polaroid 1, 1991 © Guillaume Dimanche


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