• 26 Oct 2017

Artist Josiane Pape tells the story of how she sold one of her artworks thanks to Art-Trope during the company launching in March 2017:

This new canvas looks like an abstract collage of small colored papers. This new artwork by Josiane Pape distances herself with her usual palette. This artwork was sold thanks to Art-Trope on March 22nd 2017.

Josiane Pape, untitled, acrylic, 81×100, 2016 © Josiane Pape

On March 22th, 2017, it was the launch of Art-Trope on Dumont-d’Urville Street in Paris, bringing together almost sixty people. It was very moving and we were all a little stressed out, but thanks to her will, conviction, determination and professionalism, Virginie made the Art-Trope presentation a success. It takes courage to do what she does. Following that presentation, I had inspiring conversations with many collectors and art lovers. It went very well, and everyone was content. On my hand, I had on display two canvases on the theme “Inner Worlds”, one around “The Human Plural” and a brand new 100 x 80 cm canvas with vivid colors out of my usual palette. It looked like an abstract collage of small colored papers.

The participants were startled, and came to me with questions. One of them bought me this canvas the next day. We talked a lot but that person never asked for explanations but rather focused on his feelings. That’s how I see things, to avoid breaking the magic. If he bought it, it is because my work has awakened something in him. He found what he was looking for in the piece and that’s what matters to me.

The Artist and Art-Trope

What I lack compared to successful artists is the network. In Corsica, I am isolated. An artist cannot sell without a network, which is why only an outsider has the ability to do so. It is both essential and difficult to paint and sell at the same time, but every artist needs to be recognized. Art-Trope frees us from a painful and time-consuming process by putting us in touch with galleries and collectors I would have never been able to meet otherwise, while giving us a hand during our exhibitions. Virginie has created a necessary business concept to meet the artists’ needs worldwide. We all deserve to have someone like her to carry it out. This is what I have been waiting for!

This canvas is a part of the series "Inner Worlds" which explores human alterity. Mixing a wide range of shades of yellow, blue and red, Josiane Pape invites us to explore an abstract and yet so familiar world.

Josiane Pape, untitled, acrylic,100×100, 2014 © Josiane Pape

Exhibiting while living in Corsica

I have been painting since 1981 but I ended up exhibiting only since 2005. Indeed, I did not consider my artworks to be properly completed. Since there are few opportunities in Corsica, I went to many art fairs, attending at least three a year in Paris Marseille, and Mulhouse. I also had shows in Italy and Spain. Additionally, I was invited to Japan but getting out of Corsica is very expensive. Indeed, I have to take the boat, ship the canvases by air freight, no to mention the housing on site. Consequently, exhibiting is always a very costly process with no certainty of selling.

Her new gallery in Corsica

Corsic’art Design gallery approached me after they saw some of my paintings at private collectors’. They asked me to exhibit during the gallery opening in July 2017. This is how I became one of the permanent painters of the gallery that kept three of my paintings, which they often show to collectors. The founders had a gallery in Paris, but fell in love with Corsica, so they settled in the old city of Ajaccio. I used to exhibit in South Corsica every summer, but exhibition spaces are rare. It has been ten years since I haven’t been exhibited in South Corsica. At Corsic’art Design gallery, I was able to exhibit between 18 and 20 medium-sized formats paintings. It was a great exhibition.

This canvas is a part of the series "Human Plural" which explores human alterity. Mixing a wide range of shades of yellow, blue and red, Josiane Pape invites us to explore an abstract and yet so familiar world where masks echoe multiple identities.

Josiane Pape, untitled, acrylic, 90×90, 2012 © Josiane Pape


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