• 23 Oct 2017

On October 14th, Art-Trope attented the opening of the exhibition Bifurcations, focusing on the Argentinean artist Julio Le Parc, on show at Perrotin gallery until December 23rd, 2017. The path organized on two levels is an immersion in the work of the artist, by the presence of many famous paintings and installations, but also new and unseen works, as well as a monography published by the gallery, including a discussion between the artist and Jérôme Sans, art critic, artistic director and curator, founder of the Palais de Tokyo in 2002.


Julio Le Parc, Perrotin gallery © Julien Lafaye

Julio Le Parc, Perrotin gallery © Julien Lafaye

An optical and kinetic artistic work

The work of Julio Le Parc is marked by volume and irregular shapes. His 3D art works are made to let the light pass through its elements. The works changes according to the angle of view, the wind, and the movement around them. They are real optical games, inviting and including the spectator, through a physical and poly-sensory participation of the latter, in the process of the creation of the work, since its perception can be multiple. The art object is in perpetual evolution.

The GRAV : the transformation of the work by an active participation of the spectator

In the early 1960s, Julio Le Parc created the GRAV (Visual Art Research Group) with François Morellet, Horacio Garcia Rossi and Yvaral, among others. The artist is fascinated by the instability of art, which has always been fixed and framed. His palette of colors is fairly neutral, the real work is the composition between the object and its environment, aimed at disrupting the visual environment of the viewer by making it dynamic. The Perrotin gallery also exhibits a work in virtual reality, made with the son of the artist, Juan Le Parc, continuing in a technological way a research work on the movement and perception of art in a constantly changing space and light.

To find out more about this exhibition, visit Perrotin gallery’s website.
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