• 18 Jun 2018

Sotheby’s Paris is selling the remaining of the very diverse collection of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent and the business man Pierre Bergé. The auction will take place in October 2018.

Yves Saint Laurent Street in Marrakech

Yves Saint Laurent Street, Marrakech

The aftermath of a series of sales following up Yves Saint Laurent’s death

Yves Saint Laurent’s death in 2008 has been followed by a series of auctions to sell his collection organized by Pierre Bergé. Indeed, the successive auctions generated 483 million dollars which goal at the time was to fund two cultural foundations dedicated to the fashion designer. The icon’s collection was then the most valuable collection in the world to be sold in auction ever. In September 2017, Pierre Bergé died at the age of 86. As a result, he left behind a significant Artworks and Art objects collection. Sotheby’s Paris organizes a series of auctions to sell the couple’s unique collecton. The sale will start with three special days in October 2018. Therefore, 800 lots will be presented including antiques but also Modern Art pieces coming from the mansions in Normandy, Provence, Morocco and Paris.

A collection that is both eclectic and impressive

Among the Artworks from Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent’s collection, a series of 10 canvases of the great Frenc Modernist painter Bernard Buffet (1928-1999) stands out through its uniqueness. Some of them were included in the retrospective dedicated to the painter organized by the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art in 2016. Because of the intimate relationship between Yves Saint Laurent and the Middle East, the collection also includes Islamic and Oriental Art. Most of the money that will come out of the sales is to be donated to the two foundations created by Pierre Bergé: the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris and the Jardin Majorelle Foundation in Marrakech. What is at stake is important because the auction organized by Sotheby’s Paris is very anticipated by worldwide collectors. It comes only a few months after the auction of another iconic couple: Peggy and David Rockfeller.

Artwork by Jean Buffet

Lithograph, 1955 © Jean Buffet

Pierre Bergé : a genius collector

Pierre Bergé always had a particularly sharp eye to build a collection both eclectic and exceptional. In that context, he put together and important collection of books and manuscripts which will be sold in auction in December 2019. President of the two foundations Madison Cox stated: “a passionate and voracious collector his entire life, Pierre Bergé had a unique, heartfelt and genuine relationship with the multitude of objects, books, and works of art with which he personally chose to surround himself… The contents of his various residences, while well documented, remained part of his private universe towards the latter part of his life. It is with a great sense of responsibility that the decisions were made to share them at this sale, and to continue the Pierre Bergé legacy.”

Portrait of Pierre Bergé in 1998

Pierre Bergé, 1998 © Harcourt

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Source: Artnet