• 9 Mar 2018

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Venetian painter Tintoretto, an impertinent great master from the Renaissance, the Luxembourg Museum in Paris dedicates him an exhibition. Indeed, Tintoret – Birth of a Genius tells us the story of this iconic Venetian icon by focusing on the first fifteen years of his career. Art-Trope attended the opening.

This Artwork by Renaissance painter Tintoretto is entitled "The Temptation of Adam" and was made between 1551 and 1552.

The Temptation of Adam, 1551-1552 © Tintoretto

A painter and a business man

Nicknamed the Tintoretto, which literally means “the small dyer”, the name of the painter became “Tintoret” in French. This Artist comes from an underprivileged background. Indeed, his father, Battista Robusti, was a Venetian dyer. An urban legend says that by using his father’s dye on the wall, Tintoretto made gorgeous graffiti. He also supposedly was the student of painter Titian for a short period of time he would admire prior to get his inspiration from Michelangelo. Tintoretto has always been highly prolific thanks to his out of the ordinary ability to paint fast. It enabled him to deliver several commissions while trying a wide range of themes: mythology, sacred, portraits etc.

15 determining years

The Luxembourg Museum‘s exhibition purposely focuses on the first fifteen years of the painter’s life. In fact “it is the time frame that better reflects the way he developed his aesthetic point of view. How he built on his career, how he tried to make connections, implemented a series of strategies to establish himself on the Art scene.” That is what stated one of the exhibition’s curators Cécile Maisonneuve. As a result, Tintoretto seems to be as much as a genius painter as he was ambitious and a strategist. Also, many of his biographers say he even overcame Titian in his pictorial mastery, including when it comes to colors and shadows.

This Artwork by Renaissance painter Tintoretto is entitled Finding of the body of St Mark and was made in 1562.

Finding of the body of St Mark, 1562 © Tintoretto

A controversial Artist

Even though Tintoretto’s pictorial mastery is unquestionable, his way of doing business provoked the anger of several of his peers. In fact, the painter used to break down his canvas’ prices in order to taunt his fierce Venetian competitors. Even though his execution speed enabled him to deliver many commissions, his workshop has always been essential to him. As a result, the intense using of the workshop finally had an impact on the quality of certain Artworks. This is the reason it has been tricky for Art experts to authenticate some of his canvases over history. Among the most distinguished Artworks, the one that represents Adam and Eve, included in the exhibition, had a great success especially because of the softness of its traits. Art-Trope shared it with you on social media. The exhibition will take place at the Luxembourg Museum rom March 7th to July 1st 2018.

This Artwork by Renaissance painter Tintoretto is entitled Maria with Child and was made between 1540 and 1545.

Maria with Child, 1540-1545 © Tintoretto


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Sources: FranceinfoTV and the Luxembourg Museum