• 7 Jun 2019

While Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Art-Trope pays tribute to them in the exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” with 8 Photographers:

The exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” from July 1st to 11th 2019 in Arles

Opening on Wednesday July 3rd 2019 from 5pm

Poster of the exhibition "Mixed Presence(s)" organized by Art-Trope

Poster of the exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” © Art-Trope

The photographic portrait revisited by the Art-Trope Artists:

It is in the wake of the 50 years of the Rencontres de la Photographie that the contemporary identity of the city of Arles has been forging itself. In the heat of summer, with eyes fixed on this romantic Provençal town, the world discovered the avant-garde of photography: from the greatest masters of the genre to new talents. Arles cultivates a constantly renewed photographic presence, attuned with the world in which it plays its part.

The Artists of the Art-Trope community, the New Generation of Artists Agency, pay tribute to this half-century of commitment by offering a multifaceted perspective on the notion portrait in Photography through the exhibition “Mixed presence(s)” as part of the Voies-Off festival.

Since the first photographic portraits made in the mid-19th century, this very particular technique has become a mirror of the human soul. The subject’s presence in the Artwork goes hand in hand with that of its Photographer. In chemistry, the word “presence” refers to the existence of one substance in another. Like the reaction of the developing bath on the photographic paper in the darkroom, or the contact of light on the lens of the digital camera, Photography unveils a multiple presence.

In turn feminine, fragmented, frontal, discreet, invisible, presence is at the core of the Artworks selected for this collective exhibition. It is an invitation to immerse our gaze in that of both the subject and the Artist who take us in a single shot on a journey towards an infinite number of possibilities because “what the Photographer reproduces infinitely only takes place once”, as Roland Barthes pointed out.

Voies-Off festival logo

Voies-Off festival logo © Voies-Off

The 8 Photographers participating to the exhibition:

The exhibition brings together 8 Photographers from the Art-Trope Community, among whom the photographic portrait is central to their artistic statement:

Dominique Leroy
Florence Cardenti
Guillaume Dimanche
Lucie Ternisien
Mary-Laëtitia Gerval
Michel Rubinel
Thomas Campion 

A word from Art-Trope Founder & President

“For its second year at the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles, Art-Trope is going even further by presenting a collective exhibition in the form of a committed tribute. The question of portraiture is central to Photography and runs through Art history. The exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” offers a multifaceted prespective on a photographic genre in constant movement. The Artists of the Art-Trope community selected for this exhibition present their vision and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the photographic avant-garde commitment of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles. A birthday that promises to be full of surprises! Our mission has always been and remains the professionalization and support of Artists from all over the world and it is this unfailing commitment that we present in Arles as part of the Voies-Off Festival, our privileged partner who has always known how to promote the diversity and talent of emerging Photographers, offering another perspective on photography,” says Virginie Tison, President and Founder of Art-Trope.

Find our Press Release here.