• 12 Jul 2018

The famous Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard will host, from February 13th to February 17th 2019, an affordable Art fair launched by Collector Dean Valentine.

The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles

The Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles © Bohao Zhao

The first edition of the Frieze Art fair in Los Angeles

The Frieze Art Fair, one of the most important Art fairs in the world, will open its first edition in Los Angeles from February 14th to February 17th 2019 in the prestigious Paramount Pictures studios. Indeed, the fair will include 60 of the most important galleries of the city and around the world in one of the most historical spots of Hollywood. On this occasion, the idea is for the Frieze in Los Angeles to celebrate the city’s cultural dynamism and diversity. Bettina Korek was named Executive Director of the Los Angeles Frieze. Prior to its nomination, she was a lawyer specialized in the Fine Arts market, a writer and founder of ForYouArt. Born in Los Angeles, she organized the program “Participating Gallery” of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time. She is also a member of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles © Pexels

The affordable Art fair initiative by Dean Valentine

Dean Valentine is the founder of Valentine’s venture. The created Art fair will be called Felix LA. The name comes from Felix the Cat, Art Critique Félix Fénéon, and from “feliz”, the Spanish word for “happy”. The idea of founding an affordable Art fair concurrently to the Los Angeles Frieze came after Dean Valentine’s visit to New York’s Art fairs in March 2018. Indeed, he “had a strong feeling that a lot of what I enjoyed about the art world was missing” as he told ARTnews. The idea is to reviving an old tradition of intimate Art fairs held in hotels. In fact, he was inspired by the former Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair founded in 1994 by Colin de Land, Pat Hean, Lisa Spellman, Mathew Marks and Paul Morris at the Gramercy Hotel. 35 international emerging and mid-sized galleries are expected at this first edition for which affordable prices were promised.

Los Angeles’ contemporary Art scene on the rise

Los Angeles has been significantly developing on the artistic level over the past few years. Indeed, the concentration of movie stars favored the emergence of a Collectors pool open to investments in the Art and Cultural sectors. Indeed, Marcy Carsey, TV producer of ‘The Cosby Show” and “3rd Rock from the Sun” donated 20 million dollars to UCLA’s Hammer Museum. Art-Trope wrote an article about this matter. Also, the Museum of Narrative Art financed by George Lucas just got approved after 5 years of an epic saga. The project was previously rejected by the Star Wars director hometown of San Francisco and the city of Chicago, his wife Mellody Hobson’s hometown. Finally, the founding of the Frieze Art Fair in Los Angeles is a good indicator as for the artistic and cultural attractiveness of the films capital city.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles

Venice Beach, Los Angeles © Pexels


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Source: Artnet