• 24 Mar 2020

We must value our health, respect social distancing measures during this period of quarantine, and for artists we encourage you to take advantage of this time to develop your career trajectory. We are here to support you!


I hope that this email finds you well in these strange and uncertain times. We have found ourselves in what I hope to be an exceptional situation, and in this predicament I strongly encourage you to respect confinement so that, together, we can hinder the spread of this virus. No matter what, our health is, and must always be our priority, as without this certainty we cannot move forwards with strength, power and optimism.

As things have progressed, it is clear that the situation could last longer than we had all initially hoped, and our thoughts and prayers are with all bereaved families around the world at this time.

Unfortunately, it will be a quiet year for several industries, including the art market, and it will be difficult to rely heavily on future sales before the end of the year.

Like everyone else, we have had to brutally reject some truly promising projects, but in this period of isolation, we wish to prepare our artists as much as possible for life after confinement.

Take care of yourself,

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