Art-Trope Represents 4 Artists At The Art Fair ART-FUTURE In Taipei / Art-Trope 將於台北未來藝術博覽會 展出四位藝術家

Art-Trope represents 4 Artists at the Art Fair ART-FUTURE in Taipei / Art-Trope 將於台北未來藝術博覽會 展出四位藝術家

From 17th to 19th January 2020, Art-Trope is pleased to participate at the Taipei Art-Future Contemporary Art Fair by representing 4 Art-Trope Artists / Art-Trope 非常榮幸能參加2020年,台北『未來藝術』當代藝術博覽會,並展出四位Art-Trope的藝術家: Fubon International Conference Center of Taipei in Taiwan @ Booth 13 from Friday 17th to Sunday…

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Portrait Of Art Manager Laurie Dolphin

Portrait of Art Manager Laurie Dolphin

Art Manager Laurie Dolphin tells us the story of her encounter with Norman Reedus, a multi-talented Artist and icon of the hit series The Walking Dead, and the creation of the Big Bald Gallery: How did you meet Norman Reedus?…

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