• 5 Sep 2018

On the occasion of the Journées du Patrimoine, the incubator Créatis, Residence for cultural and media entrepreneurs, and FAR, cultural projects accelerator, organize an afternoon of conversations and interactive experiences to shine a new light on the makers of tomorrow’s heritage. Agata Preyzner will participate in the 5 pm panel discussion and will present a selection of the Artworks of her series “Ink Architectures”.

From 3 pm

15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011, Paris

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Parcours Patrimoine on September 14th 2018 in Paris

Parcours Patrimoine on September 14th 2018, Paris © FAR

FAR and Créatis’ Parcours Patrimoine: a cultural and artistic program

The Parcours Patrimoine proposed by Créatis and FAR on September 14th 2018 aims at offering the makers of tomorrow’s heritage a platform to express ideas. The afternoon starts at 3 pm with Créatis’ entrepreneurs including Art-Trope, presenting their activities in innovative ways. As a result, Art-Trope is one of the participants side by side with Painter Agata Preyzner whose Art-Trope profile can be accessed here. On this occasion, she will present a selection of the Artworks from the series “Ink Architectures”. Also, she will be part of the panel discussion at 5 pm which theme is “Discover heritage from your couch? The new use of heritage” moderated by Scintillo Group’s Founder Steven Hearn. Will also be present Marion Carré from Ask Mona, Nino Sapina from Real Cast, Caroline Couraud from the Troisième Pôle and Vincent Nicollet from Acta Vista. The discussion will be followed by a cocktail from 6:30 pm.

Agata Preyzner’s international path

Born into a family of established and well-known Artists, Agata Preyzner’s artistic apprenticeship began at a very young age in her parent’s studio. At the age of 19, after graduation (baccalaureate) and an additional year of artistic studies, she moved to Paris to pursue courses at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Modernes in the graphic design and advertising drawing, eventually graduating from the internationally renowned school. She began working immediately in commercial Art, busy with illustrations for magazines and books. With a growing reputation, she was sought after for large-scale mosaics and murals for various architectural projects. During this time, painting continued to be her primary focus, eventually taking over as her main occupation. She had exhibited in more than 100 individual and group exhibits and countless galleries. Many of her paintings are in collections in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin or Krakow, etc.

Artwork made in 2011 by Agata Preyzner

Suburban Structure, Ink Architectures series, 49 in x 20 in, 2011 © Agata Preyzner

The “Ink Architectures” series by Painter Agata Preyzner

As part of the Parcours Patrimoine on September 14th 2018, Agata Preyzner will present a selection of Artworks from her series “Ink Architectures”. Agata Preyzner explains the artistic statement that originated the creation of such a series. “Mineral cities, ghost cities, cities of memories, invisible cities, the ones that abound with people and the ones under construction. I take notes, my eye encapsulates and saves views. Urban landscapes. Places open itself in panoramic views or uncover construction sites, streets, buildings’ fragments. So many pretexts to draw structures, memorize states. Memory synthetizes what I saw or lived, where I have been. Finally I start working. The perspectives are turned upside down, deconstruct itself, the lines are like impacts in the rush of ink led by the gesture, sometimes mastered, therefore structuring the subject, and sometimes free and spontaneous, giving space to the uncertainty. Urban constructions, temples architectures, buildings, bridges, viaducts, towers, from a world village to another, from the past to the present, a dizzy verticality comes out of it and lights special to every one of those places and emotions contribute to the composition of the pictorial image.”

Painting made by Agata Preyzner in 2011

Suburban Structure, Ink Architectures series, 49 in x 20 in, 2011 © Agata Preyzner


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