• 16 Apr 2018

From April 21tst to May 26th 2018, Painter and Art-Trope Artist Josiane Pape is the guest of honor of the Salon de Printemps des Arts d’Aujourd’hui. Internationally recognized, the salon will take place in the Abbatial of Notre Dame de Bernay in Normandy, a space full of history.

Poster of the Salon de Printemps des Arts d'Aujourd'hui

Poster of the Salon de Printemps des Arts d’Aujourd’hui © Confluent d’Art

Josiane Pape: the painting of the soul

Painter Artist Josiane Pape grew up in Corsica shaped by Art. After enrolling the European School of Heritage restoration in Venice, she took classes of Art History. However, it is through Jacques Bartoli, a painter from the Provence school Baboulène that her technique transformed. The influence of the Great Master combined with the vivid interest for the built heritage enabled Josiane Pape to create her own pictorial language. Without considering herself as part of Art History even though she does not exclude artistic references, Josiane Pape defines the Artwork as the reflection of the soul language, her own soul. In her paintings each color creates its own sound. The viewer is free to interpret it in his/her own way. Indeed, Josiane Pape does not add any title to her Artworks because she thinks it is reductive. The idea is to invite everyone to look at himself/herself through the Artist’s pictorial perspective.

Untitled 27 Artwork from the Inner Worlds series, 2016

Untitled 27, Inner Worlds series, 2016 © Josiane Pape

The Salon Salon de Printemps des Arts d’Aujourd’hui

Confluent d’Art and the city of Bernay are the two organizers of the Salon de Printemps des Arts d’Aujourd’hui which presents 62 Artists. The goal of the Confluent d’Art organization is to organize Contemporary Art exhibitions in the pretigious Abbatial of Notre Dame de Bernay. Founded by Judith of Britain, wife of Richard the 2nd, Duke of Normandy in the 11th century, the Abbatial is labeled as a historical monument. In 1963, the city of Bernay decided to renovate this holly place. “The idea is to show and enable the widest audience possible to discover the local but also national and international Artists’ Artworks interacting with Normandy’s heritage” said the organizers. The Salon de Printemps des Arts d’Aujourd’hui floods in the Abbatial and invites Artists from all disciplines for the occasion. A jury has been put together by the two organizers in order to give an award to one of the presented Artworks with a prize of 600 Euros. The opening will take place on Saturday April 21st from 5:30 pm and will be followed by an award ceremony as well as a classical music concert.

Painter Artist Josiane Pape’s expectations

As the Salon is approaching, we asked Josiane Pape about her expectations. “I am deeply touched to be one a guest of honor of the Salon de Printemps de Bernay, which has an international dimension. I hope that the interactions will be multiple and fruitful. It will be the occasion to make new acquaintances which are always interesting and beneficial” answered Josiane Pape. The Salon will be the enable some people to discover Josiane Pape’s paintings in which Men and Women are evoked in their alterity and humanity. “My wish is for the people’s gaze to feel the paintings and extract their own personal interpretation from it which is not necessarily mine” added Josiane Pape.

This new canvas looks like an abstract collage of small colored papers. This new artwork by Josiane Pape distances herself with her usual palette. This artwork was sold thanks to Art-Trope on March 22nd 2017.

Josiane Pape, untitled, acrylic, 81×100, 2016 © Josiane Pape


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