• 9 Nov 2017

From November 9th to 12th, 2017, will be held the 21st edition of Paris Photo at the Grand Palais. Galleries, publishers and booksellers will be present, as well as the film giant MK2 for a partnership with the cinema MK2 – Grand Palais.

Nave of the Grand Palais during Paris Photo 2016

Grand Palais, Paris Photo 2016 © Frédéric Bisson

From documentary photography to creation

Paris Photo was created in 1997. Acquired in 2002 by Reed Expositions, which organizes the Fiac, the fair takes place in the same environment as the latter, shortly after. This proximity between the two fairs makes it possible to harmonize so-called “traditional” art with photography. Long considered to be the art of “reality” and mimicry, photography was invented by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. At the beginning, it served mainly as a mean of documentation, and had almost the status of “proof”, hence its mimetic connotation, which captures the truth. This fair therefore tends to put it at the same level as painting or sculpture. To this end, it highlights its creative aspect and the artistic possibilities it allows.

The Grand Palace but not only …

For this 2017 edition, 190 exhibitors will be gathered under the glass nave of the Grand Palais. 149 galleries, including 31 new ones this year, will present their works and artists. All are from very different backgrounds, showing the plurality of contemporary photographic influences and genres. The fair also features path traced by the guest of honor: the famous artistic director of the French fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. We therefore expect a sharp selection, for having attracted the informed eye of this great lover of art and beauty.

The fair is not the only ode to photography in Paris. At the same time, among others, you can visit Saint-Germain des Prés with Photo Saint-Germain and the exhibition Périphérie by Mohamed Bourouissa – also part of our selection “3 cities, 3 exhibitions” – at the Delacroix museum.

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