• 13 Nov 2017

A master returning to Paris

Painting representing a man on a boat, and a woman waiting for him on the dock, on a lake with turbulent water

Anders Zorn, Summer vacation, 1886 © Anders Zorn

After Carl Larsson in 2014, Paris takes the colors of Sweden in 2017, until December 17th, with the exhibition of the Artist Anders Zorn, who had not been honored in the capital since 1906. This exhibition at the Petit Palais highlights his talent as a watercolorist but also his photography, mimetic medium that he tried to embrace in his time. With this event, we try to renew the existing link between French and Swedish artistic creation.

Anders Zorn, painter and engraver of great personalities

Portrait by Anders Zorn of the American president Grover Cleveland, sitting on a chair, wearing a black suit, and a moustache

Anders Zorn, President Grover Cleveland, 1899 © Anders Zorn

Considered as the major figure of Swedish Art, and by extrapolation of Scandinavian Art, Zorn was a painter, engraver and sculptor. His fame was international, from Sweden to the United States, through England and France. Known for his rich and detailed portraits, he painted and engraved the greatest personalities of his time. Thus, the American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland were portrayed by him. King Oscar II of Sweden, and Princess Sofia of Nassau have also commissioned their own portraits. These commissions greatly contributed to the artistic and social rise of this Nordic Artist.

Watercolor: a vocation

Self-portrait of Anders Zorn wearing red clothes, holding a cigarette

Anders Zorn, Self-portrait in red, 1915 © Anders Zorn

Even though he started his artistic studies in sculpture, Zorn very quickly discovered his talent for watercolor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. With a very peculiar touch, the Artist creates paintings with incredible field depth and visual relief. His artwork Summer Vacation is of such a photographic precision that it is believed to be, at first, a kind of daguerreotype. The contrast between light and shadow makes the water of this lake almost alive. The characters come to life, creating movement in response to this turbulent water.

An almost photographic painting

His Art retranscribes nature, and reinvents it with pictorial codes all its own, all this at once. The mimicry of his painting is such that life seems to be inspired by watercolor and not the other way around. His use of photography, mostly at the end of the exhibition, shows the influences of the arts on one antoher. Photography served as a stage for painting and completed it.

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