• 4 Jun 2018

From June 15th to June 18th 2018, the erotic drawing Salon called Salo will take place in Paris’ 11th district. Guillaume Dimanche, Photographer and Art-Trope Artist, participates in its 6th edition. He presents his exhibited Artwork.

Salo VI's poster

Salo VI’s poster

The 6th edition of the erotic drawing Salon, Salo

Founded in 2012, the erotic drawing Salon first had political connotations partly because of the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo‘s terrorist attack. Some even said it was an anti censorship Salon. Once again this year, the series of controversies from the Weinstein’s case to “Me Too” inspired greatly the Artists presenting their perspective on the world they live in. In his press release, Laurent GQuénéhen, Salo’s Curator, said that “in life as in Art, there is always this demanding work that makes you see eveything with a fresh perspective at all times”. For its 6th edition, Salo partnered with multiple Parisian spaces to propose a program to change one’s perspective on eroticism in our current context.

Guillaume Dimanche : a particular photography writing

Visual Artist and Photographer, Guillaume Dimanche was born in 1970 in Blois on the edge of a national forest. Exploring different natural landscapes as a child have shaped his artistic approach as a traveler and observer of the environment. He uses photomontages to reveal a work of correction of the perspectives. Guillaume Dimanche’s ones are based on the observation of the human and his actions on the landscape by means of digital tools. It expresses the contemporary through a particular photographic writing, poetic and musical, on these subjects. His creations, inspired by classical and contemporary works of Art history, are digital explorations. As a result, Guillaume Dimanche lays the emphasis on the conception of a photographic canvas as the first step of the production and on the use of raw digital material to make a sensitive combination, interpreting his subjects. He produces an image of the globalized world by describing the life and death of our contemporaries, our societies, from fables, legends, mythologies, and history.

Photograph by Guillaume Dimanche

Poppy Flowers 2, Still Lives series, 2008 © Guillaume Dimanche

Guillaume Dimanche’s participation to the erotic drawing Salon

“Salo VI is an independent Contemporary Art Salon which exhibits a free type of Art and Artists which dense encounter brings a perspective on a set of practices full of freedom. I will exhibit a small photographic format on a contemporary subject: woman. Her body’s role in our current chauvinistic society. In this Artwork entitled “The WO 02-2018”, I show an abandoned, torn and recomposed woman. A victim saved from debauchery or did she consent to this renouncement? This photograph is presented for the first time during the exhibition “Ask Yourself” which will open in Arles during the Rencontres de la Photographie, Voies Off in July 2018. It is part of a series that shapes a definite and constructed ensemble of 12 photographs” said Guilaume Dimanche.

Nude photograph by Guillaume Dimanche

The WO 02 V2, 2018, 9,5in x 14in © ADAGP-Guillaume Dimanche


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