• 9 Nov 2019

Art Manager Laurie Dolphin tells us the story of her encounter with Norman Reedus, a multi-talented Artist and icon of the hit series The Walking Dead, and the creation of the Big Bald Gallery:

Art Manager Laurie Dolphin

Portrait © Laurie Dolphin

How did you meet Norman Reedus?

I met Norman in 2013. I was introduced to him because I am a designer, book packager, and publisher specializing in creating limited edition books as “Art objects”. Norman wanted to do an art book, had lots of beautiful images plus he had interest from publishers. When we met, we decided that together we would do very well if we just published this art book ourselves. Together we would control the look and the feel of the book and Norman already had an audience. Our first book, The Sun’s Coming Out…Like a Big Bald Head was super successful with online direct sales plus we sold exclusively to several independent bookstores. This book has been reprinted several times already. Our second book, Thanks For All the Niceness, was a wonderful collection of fan art from all around the world. Currently we are working on his next book photography book which will feature all new photographs, including the photographs from our current exhibitions.

What makes Norman Reedus photographs special?

Norman has a totally unique eye and slant on life. He is a visionary with a sense of humor. He shoots all the time and has an eagle eye that’s constantly hunting for images. Norman uses his unique and rare opportunities behind film and TV sets to take photographs. However it’s not his access that makes him a great photographer —it’s his unique and soulful eye.

Photograph by Artist Norman Reedus

Jeff © Norman Reedus 2019

How did you become Norman’s art manager?

Our relationship is very organic. Norman asked me to help him with a show that he was having in New York City at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery. I started to collaborate with him on how we should best exhibit his photography. After this group show. I began to organize exhibitions and I continue to do so. We have shown Norman’s solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Paris, and Barcelona. We also had great success at the auction at the Postwar & Contemporary Photographs at Sotheby’s. Next month, we are having a show at Art Basel Miami and Art Wynwood in February. Now that we have a new photography series, we will be having more exciting exhibitions.

How did BIG BALD GALLERY begin?

There is both an interest and passion in owning Norman Reedus’s art. Norman and I both wanted to have an online art gallery where the prices would be affordable for first time art collectors. That’s how it started. Our first metallic piece, “Thanks” was an edition of 500 and we are almost sold out. We continue to sell Norman’s photography, books, collector edition apparel, and value our online community.

What do you think about Art-Trope?

Art-Trope was highly recommended to me by my dear and talented photographer friend, Laurent Elie Badessi. I am so happy that he made this introduction to this outstanding team. I am impressed by the unique mission of Art-Trope and I know of no other art organization that fulfills this mission so well. My experience has been that Art Trope is a committed, professional organization with excellent work ethics. Big Bald Gallery is very excited to be working with Art-Trope at Paris in the 19th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair. It has been a complete pleasure to work with you, Virginie and your team.

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