• 28 Oct 2019

Art-Trope Photographer Artist Philippe Yvon highlights the madness that emerges from our urban space to better bring out the breaks that animates it:

Artwork by Art-Trope Photographer Philippe Yvon

Swan, 2019 © Philippe Yvon

His path

I have always created Artworks since I was a teenager. My passion then was and still is photography. As part of my film studies, I worked particularly on the notion of frame and point of view. This is very importance in any quality photographic work. Later on, in a very practical way, I worked in a city hall’s communication department where I learned silver development on both negatives and photographic paper. Currently, I work for the French Ministry of Education and I have always devoted time to the Art of Photography.

His artistic statement

For a long time, I took jazz photography, in order to encapsutale the emotion of a musician in a photographic setting with lighting conditions that were often complex. Then, little by little, I turned to the street and what it reverberates. I was also looking for emotion and I moved away from the figurative to the abstract. The series focusing on street posters therefore came naturally from my observation of the street and the breaks. Thus, my favourite theme is that of urban breaks. My technique consists first of all in making a choice of frame that helps to highlight the breaks. Then, I work with pixels with various digital applications to revive colors or textures. There is no virtual collage. My main objective is to foster emotion in the viewer. At the same time, I want to provoke associations of ideas within the collective memory, and create paradoxes between a word and colours, or several words, hence the choice of frame.

Photograph by Art-Trope Photographer Philippe Yvon

World map, 2019 © Philippe Yvon

His evolution

My photographic practice has evolved a lot with the latest technologies that are available today. I can frame as close as possible to posters or street objects, which unables me to look for the most hidden breaks. Currently, I am working on new ideas to show the divisions of life in our urban environment. Above all, it is a question of finding new ways to highlight these urban wounds as close as possible to the very texture of the tear. The photographic work continues and becomes sharper and sharper. My vision of Art is a mobile, active vision and my work consists in remaining faithful to this energy that takes shape in the street’s wounds. Each shot tells a story that is part of the collective memory.

Artwork made by Art-Trope Photographer Philippe Yvon

Hop, 2019 © Philippe Yvon

His exhibitions

I have a wonderful memory of an exhibition at the Maison de la culture de NEVERS on the theme “day and night” in June 2018, and at the same time in the Galerie des Arts in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. I also exhibited at the Atelier located at 72 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, and finally in a virtual way in the photographic magazine Corridor Eléphant. I have two memories that particularly moved me. The first at the NEVERS exhibition, when a couple congratulated me on the emotion of the work entitled “A Kiss”, and the second when the website Corridor Eléphant, specialist in Art photography, selected my Artwork and displayed it on its website. A project for an exhibition in Angoulême and perhaps at the Louvre carousel with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts are currently under preparation.

His relationship with Art-Trope

As a Photographer Artist, the difficulty is to meet an audience interested in Contemporary Art. Finding connections with various Arts and exchanging on Contemporary Art are important actions that Art-Trope enables me to make concrete. By making myself more visible as a Photographer Artist, especially to a wide and informed audience, Art-Trope supports me in the development of my career.

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