• 22 Nov 2018

Painter Dierk Osterloh created a unique style with oil colors and invites you to dive in his Art:

His path

My father made me curious about Art when I was a child. He had several Art books and I liked to study them. During this time I discovered that Expressionism was much more exciting for me than Impressionism even though I loved the works of Monet. My Art seems to be done in an easy way because that is my purpose and I trained specifically to create this style of using oil color on canvas. Sometimes I work in a rough way to get some special effects but in the end I always check the result again and again. I studied law for several years but I was very unhappy. When I failed my exam I knew that I had to change my life and follow my heart. I went to France and worked several months in a gallery in Bretagne. At this very moment I knew that I had to paint.

Oil on canvas by Painter Dierk Osterloh

Robbery of princess Europe, oil on canvas 2016, 51inx 71in © Dierk Osterloh

His artistic statement

My Art is often the result of a reflection on a topic that moves me: Art against war, Art against torture. I find inspiration in the news. For example the “Me Too” movement is a great topic to think about. Indeed, then the challenge is to make a powerful erotic painting with a serious message. I love to find solutions to such a dilemma. I also love nature. Deserts, mountains, oceans are endless inspirations. As a matter of fact I love to travel and see the world. Each journey lets my mind fly. I like to think about variations. Last year I worked on a series called Northern lights. It was about endless landscapes in my mind. I could continue this series for a while because it is still fascinating to me in a way that I try to find these landscapes in reality even though it is impossible. My expressive way of painting correlates to the topics of my Artworks. My emotions are part of my style. Therefore I developed an authentic style to paint quickly like a stretch with organic structures, dynamic elements and an expression of power or sometimes anger. I want to touch people on the first glimpse and make them think about the topics I am expressing. One should take the time to get the purpose of the work. If the viewers reflect and get my spirit of working for a better world I achieve my aim. We all must be aware of the world we live in and of our responsibilities. As for my landscapes I want the viewer to be curious to discover always new sights and finally I want them to feel great to be in this painting or with this painting.

Artwork by Dierk Osterloh

In the hills 3, oil on canvas 2018, 47in x 70in © Dierk Osterloh

His evolution

First I painted like a jazz session. I started with informal structures in my mind. German Expressionism was not part of what I extracted from my thinking to include it in my own work. Later I started developing a plan, a layout or a construction. Today, I start thinking about the key idea to express the issue. I organize the complete painting in my head and later I realize it. This is much more organized as a jam session, which is totally free and spontaneous. I work on single paintings an also develop series. Both exists concurrently. Often it is just a matter of mood to decide which topic will be used for a new work. Since many years I have known very well my way in Art. The key is to paint the life with all its difficulties. The role of an Artist is to be the mirror of the society and that is an idea I embrace greatly. I paint my life, I paint philosophy, I paint themes which strike me as a human being but I also paint escapes in form of landscapes.

His exhibitions

I realized the city coat of arms for Cologne with an important exhibition at the city hall. It was a great accomplishment to me, especially since it emphasizes the relation I have with the city. Also, I will show some new Artworks at the ART Innsbruck in January 2019. It is an international fair for Contemporary Art held annually in Innsbruck, Austria. I am very excited to be part of the 2019 edition.

Painting by Artist Dierk Osterloh

Life and death 1, oil on canvas 2015, 79in x 79in © Dierk Osterloh

His relation to Art-Trope

I am looking for a long-term collaboration with professional partners who help bring my Art to the next level. Art-Trope can play that role with its wide range of services. In that context, I am very interesting in anything that is related to marketing in order to promote my Art and accelerate my career in an international environment. I am looking forward for my Art to growing.

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