• 28 Mar 2019

Painter Artist Dominique Meunier invites us to discover his pictorial quest to a transcended and peaceful nature to better protect it.

Artwork by Painter Artist Dominique Meunier

Fragments, 31 in x 26 in, 2019 © Dominique Meunier

His path

I have been painting and drawing since I was a child. It is a passion I inherited from my mother who was a Painter herself and whose work on Decorative Art was exhibited at Besançon’s Museum of Fine Arts. She taught me what I now consider the most important thing which is the observation of Painters, especially the ones she admired very much such as Millet, Corot and Courbet. I was the head of a company doing industrial silk-screen printing. This ancient technique invented in China through the use of silk screens, enabled me to get familiar with a variety of other printing techniques but also multiple types of inks on all supports. Following up a serious accident during which I had a near-death experience, painting became a “vital necessity” to me so I could take over my life again. Like Rodin said “Art only begins with inner truth”. This life urge, this necessity, makes it so that whenever I paint, I learn something new like a mirror of myself. It is in this interstice, in every crack of the canvas, that a cathartic quest begins. After much effort, I rebuilt myself, recreating a secure space based on the remains of my memory. Nonetheless, I decided 5 years ago to get out of the intimacy of my workshop, putting things into perspective to open myself to others, to sharing. I have been exhibiting in galleries in France and abroad ever since and I have been part of international Art fairs.

His artistic statement

My painting is the messenger of my profound and everlasting admiration for the great nature and my creations are to be seen as true odes to nature as the most peaceful and inspiring life form. I take an infinite range of shapes and colors from it. Poetry and meditative texts, especially those from Far East philosophies, are words that feed and appease me. It is an important part of my inspiration that fuels my imagination and gives a spiritual meaning to my quest of painting the “energy-breath”: nature’s vital breath to convince spirits of the necessity to protect life and nature. My painting is a visual poetry that takes us on the path of light and peace to better defend and protect nature otherwise the world will become unbearable. To that end, I explore the landscapes’ symbolic balance to better unveil the passageways between inner and outer worlds, modified states of consciousness, reminiscences, like an interstice in which a cathartic quest begins. As a result, three principles embody my aesthetic style and guide my research: the matter and its sensorial dimension, the meditative symbolism and its connection to linked subjects, and finally the chromatic unity combined with the balance brought by the light. My interest for mixed media explains the presence of texture effects in my work. There are very few human beings in my creations: it is nature that prevails according to my conception which is that of the Taoists, considering human beings as part of the whole. When I represent them, they symbolize the interval between past and future, a moment of eternity.

Artwork by Painter Dominique Meunier

Eternity, 38 in x 51 in, 2018 © Dominique Meunier

His evolution

My creative process became complex and expands through time. I adjust, retrieve with a knife, a trowel or with my hand in an acting style and touch-sensitive painting. It is within the density of the layers and the complexity of the pictorial matter, sometimes highlighted by a simple wrinkling, a crack, a line, that a cathartic quest begins for me and, at the same time, this mixed matter offers a wide range of shapes that we find in living nature. My painting, slowly elaborated in which the matter works, adds up then. My work focuses on the sensitive dimension of materiality: the canvas is like a live form that I make react like nature. Therefore, shapes are very present in my work and echo the principle of materiality. The Dialogue between colors and transparency, fluidity and movements, matter and opacity, is a way to tell a story transcending reality through a play on light vibrations that highlights the spatial tensions. As something that can already be seen in my paintings, my Artwork slowly goes from the matter to the light until it reaches glare. The depicted subjects will only be suggested with a symbolic echo, and will continue to materialize memories and feelings, passageways, balance between emptiness and fullness, the yang and the yin, to give another dimension which is that of impermanence but also that of resilience.

His exhibitions

Every year, I organize a solo show in a Concept Art Room in my workshop. The 2019 one was entitled “in the intimacy of my workshop”. I have been opening myself to others ever since and I currently exhibit in Art galleries in France and abroad, including at Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery in Padua, Italy. I also participate in international Art Fairs such as Paris Art Fair and local salons. I keep a vivid memory of a salon in Besançon in October 2018 where my painting “Ocean” was awarded with the Audience prize choosing between 80 Artists and 300 Artworks. From April 11th to April 14th 2019, I will participate to the Contemporary Art Fair Paris at Porte de Versailles.

Painting by Dominique Meunier exhibited in Paris

Fragments, 26 in x 25 in, 2018 © Dominique Meunier

Her relationship with Art-Trope

Navigate through the Contemporary Art market is far from easy. Important choices are to be made and, as Artists, we need to be supported. Art-Trope does that. My visibility, including that of my website, is essential to be noticed and known. Once again, Art-trope brings me a determining support by increasing my visibility and professionalizing my communication. As a result, the press kit creation service is a must have to me. Finally, I am also glad to be part of the Art-Trope’s Artists community.

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