• 8 Feb 2019

Meet Painter and Drawer Artist Rini Ferhi who gets her inspiration from body expressions to make unique Artworks.

Artwork by Rini Ferhi made in 2018

Affinities, 47in x 55in, 2018, charcoal drawing mounted on canvas © Rini Ferhi

Her path

As a relatively solitary child, I have always liked drawing and soon realized that something special happened. When people would see my spontaneous drawings, I had the impression they became more attentive, more affectionate to me, I felt more appreciated, more loved. When I turned 16, I decided to enroll a Fine Arts school to become a Fashion Designer. In that context, I drew a lot but essentially drafts for my creations. Often, the outcome was disappointing to me and I started to want to make true drawings in a stronger and more expressive way.

Her artistic statement

I find my inspiration in others, the body, the difference, physical traits, particularities, suffering. Finally, it is all kinds of expression or, to the contrary, containment related to the body, meaning the posture, that are my favorite themes. Indeed, dance, music, image, are essential elements in my artistic statement. One could say “the woman in all her states”. Whenever I create, I unleash myself, I let go, forget, and enjoy myself altogether. Art saves me. If the viewer is moved or touched, that is great. If it disturbs him or her, that is also great. I am not looking for provocation, but rather letting things come, and this comes from my guts.

Artwork created by Artist Rini Ferhi in 2018

History of …, 31 in x 45 in, 2018, charcoal drawing mounted on canvas © Rini Ferhi

Her evolution

I can no longer do what I used to do because I became ambidextrous. I particularly liked the clumsiness of my left hand. I do not know what I am going to do tomorrow. Indeed, how do we know what will come out of our guts? It is certain that it will always be related to the body. However, I sculpt with paper more and more. I live gratefully for the present being.

Her exhibitions

I exhibit both in France and abroad, in institutions but also in Art Fairs. Indeed, from February 13th to February 17th 2019, I am going to participate in the Art Capital Art Fair at the Grand Palais in Paris. Also, from April 1st to April 14th 2019, my Artworks will be showed at the Saint Simon Gallery in Versailles. Moreover, I had the occasion to exhibit my Artwork at the Taylor Foundation, at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre, at the UNESCO but also at the Salon d’Automne in Paris. One of my exhibition memories that particularly moved me was with a show I had in the Netherlands at Huntenkunst. The encounters and the conversations with people who are touched by my work as a drawer are always very interesting. I remember one day, in my guest book, a stranger wrote: “thank for taking us out of the frame”.

Artwork by Drawer and Painter Rini Ferhi

Reborn, 31in x 43, 2018, charcoal drawing mounted on canvas © Rini Ferhi

Her relation to Art-Trope

Nowadays, as a Painter and Drawer Artist, I have needs in terms of visibility, of support in my strategy to find quality exhibition spaces. Highlighting ourselves is always tricky, especially as a woman Artist. Art-Trope supports me in all those different aspects. I am surrounded by good people and that is very promising. I became sort of an Art-Trope student, in a position of somebody who needs to be supported, listened to and helped. That does not prevent from feeling great because I am respected!

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