• 19 Mar 2019

Painter Artist Maddy Castaingt confided in Art-Trope and unveiled her path as well as her artistic statement:

Painting by Artist Maddy Castaingt

The Temple of Lindos (Rhodes Island), 16in x 28 in x 1 in, 2009 © Maddy Castaingt

Her path

I really cannot say artistic creation came to me on a particular day because I have always felt it was already “inside” me. I have always painted, it has been my oxygen since the very first day. When I was a child, I trained drawing famous portraits such as the ones of Tsar Nicolas II and Catherine of Russia one of my family members had at home. Later on, at the sister’s boarding school, I remember saying I was able to paint Rembrandt’s masterpiece entitled “the stone bridge” and a benevolent noun gave me a canvas, oil paints and brushes so I could express my creativity freely. Obviously, my Artwork was full of mistakes by the noun encouraged me so vividly that this passion never left me. Almost entirely a self-taught Artist, I had the chance to meet international Painter Roger Disant who thought my work was interesting and therefore decided to give me private lessons prior to choosing 3 of my paintings he then brought in 1992 to the Paris International Salon, at the 43rd Deauville contest where I was awarded with the René Borel award, and then at the 28th French Riviera Salon in Cannes where I went to the finale. He gave me this strength that never left my side and made me find confidence in my painting.

Her artistic statement

Nature has always amazed me with its overwhelming beauty. Such a beauty forced us to open our eyes and look at it through the eyes of the heart. This emotion fills us with energy and joy. This is precisely what I want to recreate, transmitting it gently, in harmony with my Love of beauty which combines dream and reality. I don’t make a painting; I live it, I feel it, I talk to it. It want it to sing, to dance, to live in the light I want to express on the canvas. Above all, I’m a “lightist”, since light is at the core of my painting, as both its force and my force. My favorite subjects are worldwide landscapes, nature, mythology, and expressing an idea through portrait. I create my world through what I feel, as an instant snapshot of the outcome I could find. I draft prior to making the project evolve until I find the emotion I originally felt, releasing both the harmony of colors and the freedom of composition. I combine compositions of textures (for instance mosaics) which enhance my canvas. Once my project is defined, I choose the format which seems to me the most adapted one. When I read the happiness on the viewers’ faces, I feel a great joy inside me for succeeding in sharing this emotion, this vision I originally had. I am so happy when people get the love message I convey in my Artworks.

Artwork by Painter Artist Maddy Castaingt

Village of Castet, 39 in x 31 in, 2010 © Maddy Castaingt

Her evolution

I have been drawing and painting since a very young age, training alone with all the means I had available, perfecting what could be perfected. While keeping on working with oil painting, I have always been curious to learn other techniques to enrich my paintings and so it was that in 1996 I discovered dry pastel. I was advised by Pastel Artist Toni Oliver at the time who, through is constructive criticism, encouraged me to improve my technique until I was awarded with the first prize for my pastel creations. I then discovered acrylic painting which forced me to work much faster while keeping my “touch”. I painted every day intensely to obtain the necessary experience. It was thanks to a flaw in the preparation of my canvases that I found a style that enhanced my paintings in a surprising way. Such a style enabled me to give life with even more light and movement in my Artworks. Almost ten years ago, I made two different series of four paintings dealing with the same topic but with four different perspectives. I am currently thinking about doing another series in the same mindset but this time adding my new touch between fade and texture. Later on, I wish to perfect this type of technique, getting its inspiration from the flaw that came out unexpectedly, caught in the middle of the portrait and I.

Artwork by Painter Maddy Castaingt

The Aran Rock, 39 in x 31 in, 2010 © Maddy Castaingt

Her exhibitions

I have been exhibiting in France everywhere since 1990, in galleries but also in Art fairs and museums: the Paris International Salon, the Deauville International Salon, the Cannes International Salon, the Dax Museum, the Grand Palais in Paris, the Beaumont Palais in Bordeaux etc. However, my greatest exhibition memory was in 2016 during my solo show in Serres-Castet. People would come twice to three times to see my Artworks. As a result, I was very moved by the emotions they felt and shared with me. Among the 2019 exhibitions, I have on February 16th,17th and 18th, a Contemporary Art week-end in Rontignon, from February 15th to 28th the “shadow and light” salon in Tadousse, from March 22nd to March 24th the Contemporary Art Salon in Bizanos, and from April 14th to May 12th the Salon des Indépendants St-Jean-de-Luz among others. The one I am really looking forward to is the 14th small canvas salon in Serres-Castet from May 1st to May 5th 2019.

Her relation to Art-Trope

The idea of communicating through Art-Trope is to boos my national if not international visibility, especially on Social Media which are vital to get yourself known nowadays. I can dedicate my time to painting freely, with a marketing and communication support. Moreover, their advice enable me to highlight the Artworks and style that are the most relevant to position myself in the international Fine Arts market.

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