• 19 Jun 2019

The Photographer Bichara feeds on multicultural colours and faces marked by time to develop his artistic statement:

His path

My mother being a seamstress, since childhood I have watched her draw her embroideries and photograph her creations. It is she who pushed me to take an interest in the colours that surround us and thus thanks to her that I am the young Photographer that I am today. Over the years, I have become passionate about Fine Arts. Indeed, it freed me at school from other subjects, especially since my teacher really believed in my observational and creative skills. A photography internship in the mountains in Greece in 2013 completed my training. It mainly focused on taking a broad view of the landscape. For 5 years now, I have also been a bartender in the night world. This fascinates me and inspires my Photography because I meet many drunk guests there, who physically return to a certain primitive innocence. Disinhibited by alcohol, the sight of these changing behaviors and faces over the course of an evening to reveal a fundamentally human truth that is the face, inspires me a lot.

bichara - no made - photographie - 2019

No made, 2019 © Bichara

His artistic statement

Faces marked by time or other factors inspire me a lot as a young Photographer. In another theme, the colours and ancestral rituals of different cultures run through my photography. Among the themes I explore, the one of the veil, the one that women cover themselves with, especially in religions, Islamic or Christian, of yesterday or today, is recurrent. This set of fabrics has always fascinated me because it is available in every way in every country. The women who wear it exude a particular charm and elegance. In Photography, I work a lot on the placement of light on the subject. Thus, my goal is to arouse in the viewer a discovery, an empathy and most important of all a happiness by imagining the life of the subject of the photo.

bichara - amour - photographie - 2019

Amour, 2019 © Bichara

His evolution

At the beginning of my practice as a young Photographer, I had only a simple digital camera found during a trip. It had a zoom and enabled me to frame what I wanted. Then I bought a small Nikon reflex in a flea market with which I discovered the macro and the blur in the background that delimits the subject, allowing me to get closer and finally capture what I was looking for to uncover a truth. Later on, I acquired a 5D mark III at the cutting edge of photographic technology which pushed me to equip myself with several lenses to work on the light and the effects of zooms when getting closer to a face. At the moment, I am working on two themes. The first is the diversity of cultures in Paris and the second is, as always the veil. As part of if, I am preparing two series: one on the Tunisian SEFSARI and the other, much more whimsical, on the rituals of veils in weddings. I follow my mind in Photography and do not plan anything in advance. After a trip or an experience, I may take some portraits simply for the pleasure of expression because I want people to see and feel what I felt at that particular moment.

Edam on, 2019 © Bichara

Edam on, 2019 © Bichara

His exhibitions

As a young Photographer, I have not yet had the opportunity to exhibit my Artworks and present it to the public. The first will be held as part of the group show “Mixed Presence(s)” organized by Art-Trope from July 1st to 11th 2019 as part of the festival des Voies Off. The aim is to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles by offering multiple perspectives on the portrait in photography. A theme that has always been at the heart of the history of photography and through which every photographer passes at some point in his/her artistic process.

Poster of the exhibition "Mixed Presence(s)" organized by Art-Trope

Poster of the exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” organized by Art-Trope © Art-Trope

His relationship with Art-Trope

What is particularly important to me with Art-Trope is to be guided to understand the Fine Arts Market and to be able to evolve within it. As a young Photographer, and therefore a novice in this field, I need to be supported and advised on a daily basis in my approach, my communication and my choices. Art-Trope is precisely what I need to move forward with serenity.

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