• 24 May 2019

Artist Photographer Dominique Leroy uses artistic blur and graphics to show his activist commitment to the world:

Photograph by Artist Dominique Leroy

Hamer Warrior – Ethiopia, 2014 © Dominique Leroy

His path

My vocation may come from my grandparents, who also were keen on painting and photography, but as amateurs or from Tintin’s albums, this reporter-traveller whose life I envied and whom I dreamed being like. After two years of studying Physiotherapy, I had long since decided to be a photographer. So, to my parents’ great despair, I dropped out two months before graduation. I am pugnacious, because I could not have done anything other than photography. Nevertheless, I obtained a CAP in six months instead of two years followed by a BTS. I took up the challenge and got my diplomas.

His artistic statement

As a young photographer, I started my career in a field dear to my father: motorsport. Inspired, I started with small rallies and then entered the World Rally Championship and got to the top of the ladder with the world of Formula 1. Thanks to my favorite technique, Blur and graphics, my Rally and F1 Grand Prix photos were bought by magazines all over the world. I published twenty-five books on Formula 1, some 25,000 images in the press, daily newspapers and magazines, I illustrated the biographies of great pilots such as Prost, Alesi, etc. After twenty years, I decided to travel the world in a different way, for another recurring theme: Nature and Ethnology. To show by the provocation of the image that the world, politics and money destroy nature and endanger the tribes of the globe. In 2009, I decided to switch to camera and documentary filmmaking. I made a series of 4 to 6 minutes of six episodes, one of 26 minutes with Dominique Lapierre entitled “Retour dans la cité de la joie” in India in Calcutta. Finally, I also directed three feature films for television. Art et Essai cinemas, festivals and the MUCEM screened rushs extracted from my second film “Carnaval en liberté”. This cinematographic work is in line with my photographic approach.

Artwork by Photographer Dominique Leroy

Iron Mask – Rust, 2017 © Dominique Leroy

His evolution

Digital technology has put an end to silver photography. The digital age, the era of computers, has turned the world upside down and our perception of the image. Therefore, I focused on a new form of theme composed of unusual objects rusted by corrosion and ethnic groups for my new exhibition entitled “From the beginning… to the end”. This exhibition offers a new itinerary, instantaneous of people celebrating or at war, primary Art expressions, emerging humanities expressions, which lead step by step, face after face to the inevitable end… This rust that gnaws at men’s works and sometimes transcends them into improbable allegories… I remain in this photographic approach in perpetual evolution. After the release of my book “Le Peuple des Rouilles”, I am preparing the release of two new books: one on the tribes entitled “Reg’Art d’Ailleurs” and return to my first love: Formula 1 with “Les seigneurs du Bitume”. In collaboration with another youtuber photographer supporting me with the filming and the production on the theme of Formula 1, a two-year project for media and television platforms is in preparation.

His exhibitions

My main exhibitions were dedicated to the world of Formula 1. It was very rewarding in terms of human contact, mainly in Canada and Australia, which remain exceptional memories. I am preparing a two-year exhibition in France dedicated to the Rust and the Tribes in unusual places: Abbey, chapel, halls, abandoned factory, etc. The first will be held at the Maguelone’s Cathedral on May 28th 2019. From July 1st to 11th July 2019, I will also participate in the exhibition “Présence(s) Mêlée(s)” organised by Art-Trope alongside other Photographers from the Community as part of the Voies Off festival in Arles.

Sadhus on the Ghats of Varanassi, 2012 © Dominique Leroy

Sadhus on the Ghats of Varanassi, 2012 © Dominique Leroy

His relationship with Art-Trope

There is a problem in the 21st century: the diversity of the media. There are so many platforms that sell Art, and it confuses the Art professionals. Even with a little notoriety, an Artist has a lot of difficulty to emerge and that’s where real communication professionals like Art-Trope come into play who will do everything they can to make it happen in the best possible way. Then there is the issue of social networks, because I am not experienced enough to control them alone. Art-Trope has the power to achieve this, to strengthen your visibility and to avoid scattering you in all directions. Basically, it’s about Art-Trope accompanying me to go where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

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