• 6 Feb 2018

Zoé Bayard, painter and Art-Trope Artist, tells us how she was introduced to artistic creation:

This is Art-Trope Artist and painter Zoé Bayard's Artwork entitled "Turnaround" ("Retournement"), extracted from the series "Life Movements" ("Mouvements de Vie).

“Turnaround” (“Retournement”), extracted from the series “Life Movements” (“Mouvements de Vie”), 2017 © Zoé Bayard

Her path

As far as I remember, I have always dreamed to be a painter in front of an easel. As child, I used to spent days drawing. When I was a teenager, I tried watercolors first. However, even though I was attracted to the Fine Arts, Philosophy and Psychology, I went for what was expected of me, that is to say business. When I turned 28 year-old painting became my therapy, fueled by a growing interest for psychology and symbolism as well as a spiritual opening through the study of biblical texts and medidation. Such an introspective period led me to start analyzing and training myself to be a psychiatrist “en Rêve Eveillé Libre”, a job I have been working at ever since. In 1998, as part of my continuing journey to find the meaning of being, I discovered the symbolism of Hebraic Letters. After some yers of study and personal research on the topic, I started calligraphy in 2005 under the guidance of renowned calligraphist and Artist Frank Lalou. Such a technique used on a daily basis strongly influenced my paintings which evolved positively in terms of expression and precision.

Her Artistic statement

Art and analyze have both in common the depth and power of imagination. As a painter, I am mainly inspired by my own personal journey, my reflections, my inner experiences, but also, obviously, by what I see and live on a daily basis in the context of analyzing my patients. I mostly paint bodies, particularly women, and faces. As a result, through it, I try to represent and live the Men’s ever changing journey through their main symbolic and universal steps which are the use of a mask, the confrontation between light and shadow, the inside/outside pair, the conscience and the presence of Being. The use of calligraphy deeply influenced my painting which became more precise and dynamic. The movements as well as the spontaneity of the gesture both aim at expressing what is instinctual in the movements of life. I paint because I need to and I exhibit my Artworks because that what paintings are made for too. If my Artworks move the viewer, it is because our emotions or our own personal journey have something in common that has been shared on the canvas.

This is Art-Trope Artist and painter Zoé Bayard's Artwork entitled"Belief" ("Croyance"), extracted from the 2017 séries "Life Movements" of Life" ("Mouvements de Vie").

“Belief” (“Croyance”), extracted from the séries “Life Movements” (“Mouvements de Vie”), 2017 © Zoé Bayard

Her evolution

I started painting with oil. My paintings were essentially figurative by then. I was learning that technique and drawing by doing it. Then I did experiments with acrylic to which I added texture through different kinds of primer. Through calligraphy, I discovered inks, as well as a movement that is both precise and spontaneous and above all an intensity in the gesture. Now, I use the fluidity of the ink to represent physical and psychological movements in a series I started in 2017 and entitled “movements of life”. The next series will deal with the mask as a symbol. My creativity seems to tend towards an approach that is more and more “refined”, a conemporary figuration that drifts to abstraction.

Her exhibitions

I have been exhibiting since 2009, essentially in France. The exhibition that most moved me was the 2017 Foire Locale d’Art Contemporain (Local Contemporary Art Fair). Indeed, I exhibited some Artworks from my series “Life Movements”. The feedback I had from the audience and Art professionals deeply touched me. It was at that moment that I felt I found my artistic “signature”, a way to be recognized. Despite the fact that I have two applications submitted to be selected in exhibition spaces, I do not ave any exhibition planned yet. The quality of the exhibition spaces is what particularly interests me as opposed to quantity.

Her relationship with Art-Trope

My main difficulty as a painter is precisely to find quality exhibition spaces to present my Artworks. I do not wish to have multiple exhibitions without concrete results. Also, I have a lack of network that would enable me to access quality exhibition spaces out of my area. Art-Trope makes me save time to create more. Another key element to me: get constructive feedbacks on my Artwork. In my opinion, an Artist, like in psychology, needs a “mirror” to evolve, to question himself/herself, find other ways, gain deeper knowledge and get a chance d grow his/her Art.

This Artwork by Art-Trope Artist and painter Zoé Bayard represents a pregnent woman standing still from side on and is entitled "Tear", extracted from the 2017 series "Life Movements".

“Tear” (“Larme”), extracted from the séries “Life Movements” (“Mouvements de Vie”), 2017 © Zoé Bayard


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