• 18 Jun 2020

Painter Adeline Dutel presents her journey and her pictorial universe through her portraits of women:

Her journey

Asma - 2020 © Adeline Dutel

Asma – 2020 © Adeline Dutel

I had the chance to live in an artistic environment alongside my father, an interior designer, with whom I collaborated for a few years. My encounter with Alain Bailly, a well-known fresco artist, was decisive: our collaboration made me discover a fascinating and exciting profession.

I first trained as a graphic designer at the MJM Graphic Design school in Lyon. Then, I joined the prestigious Institute of decorative painting named “Van Der Kelen” in Bruxelles, from which I graduated with a medal. This is how I became a Decorative Painter which brought me a lot of technical knowledge. But over the years, I lacked the space of freedom offered by a canvas. I have always liked to work with painting, through the infinite possibility that it opens up to interpretation.

Her means of expression

Lucia - 2020 © Adeline Dutel

Lucia – 2020 © Adeline Dutel

My sources of inspiration are immense, but especially my three daughters (it’s also where my sensitivity to female faces comes from). During my travels I discovered the universe of Italy, the art brut of Africa or the magic of India with its colors, its smells, its history etc.

Through my paintings, I try to transcribe the gaze of women and their feminine strength. Like these committed women in their speeches, Michelle Obama or Vandana Shiva, an environmentalist, writer and feminist activist. All these women, authentic in their journeys and activism around the world, are truly inspiring.

Oil painting is the technique that suits me the best to translate all the emotions of a face. As the years go by, the layers follow one another in material and transparency. This painting, which combines strength and softness, is perfectly suited for female faces.

Her evolution

Always going further in the force of expression is my goal. But, also to keep safely this feeling of excitement in creation, this richness that belongs to me.

Women’s looks are the guiding thread of my artistic approach, and my paintings have evolved naturally towards more authenticity, precision and strength. Female faces are my infinite source of inspiration. I hope to be able to work in collaboration with female artists from other countries.

Her exhibitions

Malia - 2020 © Adeline Dutel

Malia – 2020 © Adeline Dutel

Few years ago, I started exhibiting at the Sainte Colombe gallery in Saint Paul de Vence, the Galerie 77 in Megève, the Salon d’Automne in China, the SM’ART fair in Aix en Provence, the SIAC in Marseille and many private exhibition spaces.

Exhibitions at fairs are always a meeting and an exchange that I enjoy for the contact with the public but also for the sharing between Artists. They allowed me to interact with a large and international audience.

I am fortunate to have a workshop in the heart of a magical place in “La cour du château” in Lauris, which allows me to have a permanent gallery open to the public. Currently, with the unfortunate events of Covid-19, plans for outdoor exhibitions are still to be defined.

Her relationship with Art-Trope

Alycia - 2020 © Adeline Dutel

Alycia – 2020 © Adeline Dutel

The difficulty lies in showing your work, distinguishing yourself and communicating. You have to be present and professional as in all areas of a small business, which can leave too little time for creation.

Art-Trope allows me to spotlight my work on the French and International market. The Gallery also helps me in monitoring my artistic work. It is a sensitive and professional eye that guides me through my career.

It is the guidance of a benevolent professional, whose goal of our collaboration is to access exhibitions, to have my work recognized and thus: to always progress.

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