• 15 Jul 2019

Painter Artist Andrey Roca offers a meticulous and controlled prespective on abstraction with great fluidity:

Artwork by Painter Artist Andrey Roca

Bali I, 39in x 55in, 2018 © Andrey Roca

His career path

I like to think that Art is a link between the soul and the body. Thus, in the beginning, I saw painting as a form of connection with my inner self. In order to feel comfortable, I have sought and still try to control all situations of daily life and Art makes me forget this obsessive control. I started my Art studies with the intention of embracing realistic painting, always with the aim of keeping it in control of the situation, but over time, I gradually turned to abstract painting to be able to experiment with various techniques and meet other Artists in this field. Currently, I use the fluid technique, but at the end of the process, I keep on adding new material on the screen, because I can keep control of my work, a control that I believe will always be present in my Artwork. I studied Fine Arts at Ateliê Rosi Costa, in the city of Joinville, Brazil. At the college of architecture, Art was always present. Concurrently, I work in Brazil as a pharmaceutical representative of a French company and artistic creation helps me a lot, because I have to exercise my creativity also at work.

His artistic statement

Abstraction has the particularity of raising doubts, of not giving in the first time you see it, by initiating a flirtation with the spectator. In this context, two Artists inspire me a lot, both for the objectivity, depth and mystery of their Artwork: Painter Artists Mondrian and Kandinsky. As far as the technique I am inspired by is the one of the Swedish Painter Artist Emma Lindstrom, because it has similarities with my work on poetic liquid life. It is particularly important to me to convey a message to people through my Art and the theme I am working on, especially with regard to the refugee crisis in the world, is a subject that used to be so far away for Brazil, my country of origin. In recent years, the number of Haitian and Venezuelan refugees arriving in Brazil has increased considerably. As the contemporary philosopher Zygmunt Bauman points out: “liquid life is a precarious life lived under conditions of constant uncertainty”, and, from this point of view, my process is based on the technique of representing the liquidity of our society and the constant uncertainties representing refugees who leave their homes without knowing what the future holds. I hope that the spectator will develop a critical reflection on my Art and make him or her think about these problems of liquid life which does not give us time to develop our relationships.

Painter Artist Andrey Roca

Saona III, 39in x 39in, 2018 © Andrey Roca

His evolution

When I started studying Fine Arts, my goal was to work with realistic painting. So I started using oil paint, but over time, the delay in the drying process made me lose the speed I needed so much, especially to test other paints. As a result, my brushstrokes instinctively began to let go and the path of the abstract seemed to me to be the right one to follow because I could express myself more fully. At the moment, I am working on two new series, Fronteiras and Aquarius. These are made with an acrylic support and using the acrylic fluid technique. Our home, the world, is currently undergoing major transformations. These transformations often have negative consequences. I think the Artist’s role is to mark time through his/her works so that future generations can understand what has happened in our time. This is what motivates my approach and my artistic language, leaving a path for future generations. To paraphrase Vincent Van Gogh, my Art may be for future generations.

His exhibitions

My main exhibitions are entitled “Frontiers” and “Uncontrollable”. In fact, at the opening of the Frontiers exhibition, I was able to see several people contemplating the Artworks and reading the stories of refugees who were included in them. They were enthusiastic and shared it with others. I am currently present in two exhibitions at the Fronteiras Solo Exhibition until June 26th 2019 at the Garten Gallery and at the Painting + collective exhibition, until July 3rd 2019 at the AAPLAJ Gallery, both exhibitions being based in the city of Joinville in Brazil. In October 2019, the second edition of the solo exhibition “Uncontrollable” will take place with a date to be confirmed, at the AAPLAJ gallery in Joinville, Brazil.

Painting by Painter Artist Andrey Roca

Saona II, 39in x 39in, 2018 © Andrey Roca

His relationship with Art-Trope

The great challenge for an emerging Painter Artist is to be able to present his Artwork. I am therefore limited to the local artistic circuit and have difficulty showing my Artwork outside my state or country. That’s why I called Art-Trope. By giving a space to present my Artwork on a global level, the dream of every Artist is to be able to have the opportunity to exhibit his or her Artworks internationally and I see this possibility with Art-Trope as a mentor of my Artwork. The accessibility we have at all levels of the company, the transparency with which subjects are treated between Art-Trope and the Artist are essential for me. I look forward to getting to know Art-Trope better and growing as an Artist with the help of society and its community.

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