• 18 Sep 2019

Painter Artist Carolina Alfonso presents us through her Art, her vision of the world and her original culture, that of Ecuador:

Artwork by Painter Artist Carolina Alfonso

Meditacion Andina III, 49 in x 67 in, 2008 © Carolina Alfonso

Her path

My journey in the world of Art, as a Painter Artist, began very early. Every week, I used to take Art classes in a workshop where I learned and experimented with different techniques. I loved these classes and felt very at ease with what I learned. I got my first painting award at the age of 9. My maternal grandfather had a great artistic talent, and I grew up at home surrounded by his paintings. Moreover, I have always been extremely curious about the great masters of Art history. My artistic training began when I was 8 years old in Quito. I loved learning new artistic techniques. Since I was a child, I have always had a taste for learning. When I was in College and decided to devote myself to Art, my mother gave me a precious piece of advice: to be an Artist, specific tools are necessary. In addition to studying Visual Arts in Quito, I studied Business Administration and Marketing. I had the opportunity to continue my studies in culturally and artistically very dynamic places and cities such as Perugia and Venice in Italy, at the Prado Museum and Reina Sofía in Spain and I finished my studies with a Master of Arts at New York University. In 2016, I created Capapico Paris, a company specializing in fashion accessories, decoration, design and other connected objects. Our various collaborations with designers make our Art objects collections precious thanks to their meticulousness combined with our know-how.

Her artistic statement

Living in Paris brings me a great cultural richness! Art, cinema, fashion, decoration! I am inspired by the Art of great masters such as Giotto, Tiziano, Veronese, Turner, Monet, Kandinsky, Rothko, as well as great ladies of Art such as Frida Kahlo, Joan Mitchell, Sonia Delaunay, Georgia O’Keefe, Louise Bourgeois. Among the contemporary Artists I admire the most, there are Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, Peter Zimmermann, Bill Viola, Joseph Kosuth, James Turrell, Takashi Murakami. Fashion is also a strong inspiration for everyday life! The vision of fashion women such as Gabrielle Chanel, Diane von Frustenberg, Carolina Herrera, or Maria Grazia Chiuri is fascinating. I am interested in the expression of each of them through their work, and which at the same time promote women in their own ways. In each series, I always have a favourite theme that I try to explore further. This is the case, for example, of the series entitled “Creative Nature“, the result of several years of research based on the wisdom of nature. It pays tribute to fertility and crop cycles: sowing, breeding and harvesting. From the sun to the moon, through the contemplation of the stars and their relationship with human beings, it is ultimately the feminine mystique that expresses itself because of their relationship to life. The Artworks are abstract and instinctive compositions combining a chromatic of bright colours with a sensory and vibrating energy, where light permeates the painting with force. The Artworks are made with acrylics, natural pigments and 23k gold leaf. Gold is a representative element of this series since it was a common thread between our pre-Columbian colonial past and the modern era. Through a work of Art, one can get in touch with the viewer and let him or her create his or her own story from the presented Artwork, cultivating a permanent conversation.

Painting by Artist Carolina Alfonso

Corazon Coraza, 51 in x 38 in, 2019 © Carolina Alfonso

Her evolution

My practices have evolved since the beginning of my career on different topics. For instance, the Skin Change series (2004) was my first painting exhibition presented at the Guayasamin Foundation in Quito, Ecuador. It deals with the process of change, rupture, departure and vision with courage, like a snake that changes its skin to evolve. The two years that followed gave birth to the Lights space series (2004 – 2006) which central theme is the evocation of the different spaces filled with light, colour and shapes, which at any moment can be considered magical. All this is worked from a chromatic approach with an important research about the connection between light and the perception of colour through the human eye which appeals to the sensory part of the spectator. It was also my first series presented in France. My work has evolved according to the places I was passing by. In 2007, the Veneto series presented works created in total immersion in the “Serenisima”, another name given to Venice. Water and transparency were inevitably part of it. Invited by the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Paris in 2009, I created an exhibition combining pre-Columbian and Pharaonic ancestral cultures. Underlying connection is the sun God prayed and worshipped by both cultures. Representing Ecuador at UNESCO in Paris from 2008, I worked until 2018 on the completion of my largest series entitled “Creative Nature”. The work of an Artist is in constant evolution. I would like to show my work to different audiences in different countries so that it can be recognized as an Artist who highlights the history of her country, and of Latin America.

Her exhibitions

“Creative Nature” has become an important exhibition that has been exhibited in several countries, including: UNESCO in Paris, the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the Maison de l’Amérique latine in Monaco, MAAC in Guayaquil and the Metropolitan Cultrual Center in Quito. Similarly, my Artworks are included in many collections: the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the National Museum of Angkor in Cambodia, to name but a few. I have also published two books: “Creative Nature” and “Light Spaces” translated into three languages: Spanish, English and French. I remember that in Monaco, during my exhibition at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine, the opportunity arose to create new objects. It was from that moment that reproductions of my silk works for a French Haute Couture company were created, and that is how the first scarves were made. After the success of the first one, in 2016, it inspired me to create my own company, Capapico, specialized in the sale of applied Art objects, in the world of Arts, fashion and design. I am delighted to soon present, during a collective exhibition organized by Art-Trope, the Artwork entitled “De Delfines” which highlights Nature’s wisdom, on the occasion of the 18th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair. It will be held in the prestigious Rivoli Building, located at 118 rue de Rivoli in Paris from Thursday October 17th to Sunday October 20th 2019.

Artwork by Painter Artist Carolina Alfonso

De Delfines, 25 in x 36 in, 2010 © Carolina Alfonso

Her relationship to Art-Trope

We live in a world where information is immediate and constantly evolving. So you have to adapt very quickly. It is difficult to know all the projects in which an Artist should participate. I therefore think it is better for the Artist to benefit from the support of an organized company such as Art-Trope, which helps Artists choose the projects that suit them the most and boost their careers. Together with Art-Trope, we are establishing a work relationship that I hope will continue over time and enrich us both with great experiences. I would like, with Art-Trope, to be able to advance my career as a Painter Artist and thus grow together. As for now, my Premium Art-Trope plan has enabled me to review my career and go forward. Similarly, several exhibition prospects are being considered, which is very encouraging, particularly with opportunities in the United States.

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