• 9 May 2019

Painter Fanou Montel has been bubbling with creative energy since her childhood and invites us to retrace her story:

Painting by Artist Fanou Montel

The Wind Direction, 47 in x 59 in, 2019 © Fanou Montel

Her path

Curious about everything, it seems to me that my artistic awakening began the day I opened my eyes… As soon as I could hold a pencil, my hand was smeared to paint, then color, draw… Little by little, brushes and knives replaced my pens. Then, from one course to another, from one internship to another, my technical training gew over the years of my youth and adult life. I have never given up on the strength I felt within me, even though my professional life as a teacher and raising two children have obviously impacted my frenzy. Now retired, I paint again and again… as if I was going to die tomorrow… for my greatest pleasure.

Her artistic statement

A juxtaposition of colors in the laundry basket, the punctuation of a cypress tree in a Tuscan landscape, a line of vines that breaks the curve of a path, the poetry of a cargo ship sailing on the high seas… my inspirations can be many and diverse. From total abstraction to semi-figuration, the theme of landscape is almost omnipresent. The abstract landscape is a way to a great freedom in my gesture and the structuring of the composition, while ensuring me a visual base, inspired by a small touch from reality or from what the imagination can extract from reality. One day, an “admirer” of mine told me that in front of one of my paintings he “felt welcomed with gentleness in the colorful atmosphere and at the same time carried away by the strength of the composition and the power of the lines”. It is a very beautiful compliment that I keep in mind and that I keep trying to revive.

Artwork by Painter Fanou Montel

Staying up, 59 in x 47 in, 2019 © Fanou Montel

Her evolution

From figuration, while perfecting my technical process, I then went through a long phase of total abstraction. I experienced an infinite pleasure in struggling with the material and limits of my canvas, without any constraint other than the final balance of the composition. However, for a few years now, I have felt a need to get a little closer to something more palpable. I am not attracted to total figuration. I like drawing but it’s not enough for me. I want to experience this intoxication of abstract creation while giving meaning to my creation, which I concretize by one or more small more realistic signs. The meaning I put into it is mine but whoever looks at my canvas can find another one… My artistic statement heads this way and what is emerging now is a more definite geometrization. I don’t know how far I’ll go, maybe I’ll take another road soon, no matter what I let it go…

Painting by Painter Artist Fanou Montel

Dream higher,, 31 in x 31 in, 2019 © Fanou Montel

Her exhibitions

I have been fortunate enough to be able to exhibit on many occasions, either at personal exhibitions or during Art fairs. The Salon des Artistes Français, twice, the Salon d’Hiver in Paris and various Arts Inter shows across France are among my most significant group exhibitions. To date, I have made nearly twenty personal exhibitions, which took place in several cities, from the north to the south of France and in Bangkok, Thailand. I have also participated in various international Art Fairs in France and Switzerland. I am preparing a show in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I will exhibit a small dozen paintings at the beginning of May 2019 and a group exhibition with 4 paintings at the Villa Monastero in Varenna on Lake Como, Italy, the first 15 days of June 2019. Finally, I am preparing a personal exhibition in Sanary in the south of France from October 4th to 17th 2019.

Her relationship with Art-Trope

I expect Art-Trope to provide me with real help to ensure my visibility through a good digital referencing and an emphasis on my painting. I also need their analysis on the international Fine Arts market and its new players. The opportunity to exhibit internationally is also essential in the dissemination of my artistic approach.

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