• 13 Sep 2018

From contemplation to pictorial creation , Painter Artist Francesca Ricardoni tells us her story.

Artwork by Francesca Ricardoni as part of the Urban spaces series

Alongside the quay, 36in x 29in, Urban spaces series, 2017 © Francesca Ricardoni

Her path

During my childhood in Paris, I was lucky to live in a family environment that cultivated discovery, knowledge and curiosity. Very interested in the esthetics generally, I always considered myself as contemplative person but I did not dare to take the plunge of the pictorial creation. It was a meeting that changed the course of events, a decade ago during a journey in Paris, which I left for Corsica. Indeed, I met one painter to whom I announced my desire to dedicate myself to painting while hesitating to throw myself into this field for which I did not have any particular training. This Artist vividly encouraged me ” to express myself ” without restriction and her arguments convinced me. Thanks to her, I began dedicating myself to abstract Art in a very instinctive and uninhibited way. Seven years after this beautiful meeting, I decided to stop my career to fully dedicate myself to painting as a self-taught Artist.

Her artistic statement

Themes tend to constrain my inspiration. As a result, my compositions are instinctive and abstract, favouring textures and colors. In that context, it is often a color or a spectrum  which I want to work with that is going to determine at first my Artwork. My work is often graphic and colored alternating a revisited figurative aspect with metaphorical abstraction and the geometrical constructions. Painting takes me out of the rationality, distancing me from the everyday life. It is alto to recompose the world, mine.

Francesca Cardoni's Artwork as part of the Urban Spaces series

LUZ 36in x 25in, Urban spaces series, 2017 © Francesca Ricardoni

Her evolution

I work a lot with knifest and use essentially acrylics with an intense chromatic spectrum favoring vivid colors. I integrated the brushes and oil over the year. I have been having my own studio for two years at Valle di Mezzana, located near the city of Ajaccio where I Live. It’s a serene space, flooded with light and music. I work more and more on large format. My vision of the continuation of my artistic approach is to test new techniques and textures. Indeed, the goal is to free my movement and gesture to better satisfy my intuition.

Her exhibitions

My main solo shows took place in the city center of Ajaccio and its whereabouts either in galleries, or in the city’s cultural spaces. My best memory is from one of my lastest exhibitions which took place during the month of December 2017 in a new Corsican gallery. There were a lot of people and therefore interesting conversations in a beautiful atmosphere. I sold a dozen paintings.

Painting by Artist Francesca Ricardoni as part of the Urban Spaces series

Puzzle, 39in x 32in, Urban spaces series, 2018 © Francesca Ricardoni

Her relation to Art-Trope

The main challenge I face is to be able to exhibit outside of Corsica. I would like to obtain a visibility of my work through a communication effort. In order to develop my artistic career, I also need a personalized support. Art-Trope offers me services and solutions to each and every one of these needs.

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